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Saturday, 14th September 2019 - 9th Newsletter 2019 from Carla’s Heritage Health Center

Dear friends

This time in the middle of the month as usual.

First, unfortunately, a piece of very sad news. On the morning of August 22, Balthazar was run over. I will miss him very much!


Of course we have a fence around the whole property. Concrete posts with barbed wire, palm leaves and at the bottom also nets. But the dear animals bite everything through and make holes so they can get through. With more than 300 meters of fence one has a really bad job fixing it the whole time! You just do not manage! I loved Balthazar and he loved me too. I had bathed him the day before and removed insects from his ears. Gayantha thinks that he had a short but happy life. I try to see it that way too. Gayantha was at home when it happened because his father had to be hospitalized. By now he is getting better again.

It really pays to get up early here! I'm usually up at 6 o'clock or even earlier. You can then see mongooses running and rabbits jumping and watch a variety of birds! And all of this on the property! Recently, Gayantha discovered these two Brahminy Kites (a kind of eagle) on two posts of the fence. Really noble!

NW9-Brahminy-Kite-1   NW9-Brahminy-Kite-2

Harvesting coconuts is a major occupation in Sri Lanka. You can harvest every 45 days! Coconut milk - made directly from the fruits or from the shredded, soaked and squeezed pulp - is part of most curries. Earlier - and in many places even today - one climbed up to get the fruits. Today, the fruits are often cut with a knife attached to a very long rod and later collected mostly with a cart drawn by a cow.

NW9-Coca-1   NW9-Coca-2  NW9-Coca-3

Coincidence or determination? Our newest fountain we have - because of the main figure - called "Lady" Fountain. Carla was born in Einsiedeln in Canton Schwyz. We often visited the monastery church - famous for the Black Madonna. In front of the church stands a fountain - the Marienbrunnen, which is also called "Fraubrunnen" or "Lady Brunnen". But they could not be more different!

NW9-LadyEinsiedeln   NW9-Lady-Kalpitiya

I received mail a few months ago. The "OS Record". I went to school in England at the boarding school in Sherborne, in the County of Dorset. Eton (well known from the crossword puzzles), Rugby and Sherborne are some of the best boarding schools in England. The accommodation is spread over 7 houses, the lessons are held centrally. I was assigned to the "School House" ("a") and my schooling ended in 1966. Since then, I am an "Old Shirburnian" (OS) and receive the "OS Record", which reports about the school in the modern day as well as containing news about the "Old Shirburnians". I was contacted in advance and to my surprise, there was something about me.

NW9-OS-1   NW9-OS-2

It is clear that the more we do environment-related work, the more maintenance work is turning up. Cleaning fountains, trimming grass, etc. So we are well occupied. Meanwhile, I have greatly expanded my skills as an engineer, electrician, carpenter and plumber. Recently, I had to explain to the electrician why a Circuit Breaker fuse he had installed did not work. He had connected it wrong! He claimed for hours that our devices were to blame. And do not think he apologized afterwards! He was slightly offended (or just ashamed) that a foreign non-electrician had had to tell him about his mistake.

The plastic foil in the pond by the waterfall has not worked out. Sun, wind, sand and salt have caused great damage. We must make a concrete solution and will use the renewal for a redesign as well. The other things pendent are extremely slow. We have taken another hurdle in terms of the building permit but are not finished yet. Patience - a lot of patience - is required!

But I hope (like every time) that I can report more positive things soon.

Until then Love and Light from Kalpitiya from 

David, Gayantha and everyone else too

Friday, 16th August 2019 - 8th Newsletter 2019 from Carla’s Heritage Health Center

Dear friends

This time for various reasons again later in the month than usual. Among other things, we still have their own power supply problems! Suddenly the electricity bill was four times higher than usual! Somewhere is a "leak" or a short circuit. Yesterday a new electrician checked everything through, replaced some cables, made new wiring in the main switch box and installed new fuses. We'll see!

With the changes of the company registration we are almost finally finished. As I reported last time, it has turned out that the first lawyer, Shantha Niriella in Negombo, had done some wrong things or not done them at all. And of course I had no idea how it is right here. For a company foundation and registration it has to be published four times. Once in the government's official "gazette" and then in three daily newspapers in the three languages English, Sinhalese and Tamil. That has now been done!

Gazette_09-08-2019   DailyNews_25-07-19   Dhinamina_25-07-19   Dhinakaran_25-07-19

From other changes, we have already received the registration confirmations. In order to be able to conclude and finalize everything, we only need the registration confirmations of the three submitted annual returns, the renewals with change notices which have to be submitted annually. But they should come in the next few days.

I reported last time. that we automate the irrigation system. That is now done! Gayantha and I still had to lay about 160 meters of new water pipes, create a sheltered space for the controller and the electronic valves and reconnect everything. Now it is done and works flawlessly. Now we no longer have to look at the clock and manually open and close water valves.


With the building permit we are not very much further. The blueprint we submitted has been lost at the local office and can no longer be found! And suddenly they need three copies. But we will follow this all up.

How we tackle the case of the general contractor, we probably need to rethink. We have been waiting for several weeks now for the lawyer in Colombo to finally do something. He said at our first meeting that he needed a few days!

Balthazar gives us great pleasure but also work! At first he had distinctive "Bow-legs" at the back. But they are now a little better but not quite straight. Gayantha recently bathed him with special soap. He did not like that. But he can look really cute and is very affectionate!

Balti-1   Balti-2   Balti-4   Balti-3

It has always been my dream to live somewhere where one could sit outside in the evening and listen to and enjoy music - no matter which style of music. And in almost concert hall strength and quality. If I had stayed in Switzerland, I would probably have been able to do so at most in a remote mountain hut. But then the problem with electricity! Here I can easily do this until the early morning hours! Now we have new 60 watt speakers installed. Four at the first fountain, two at the waterfall and in the water tank construction where we live two inside, and outside two at the front and two at the back. And the amplifier renders 2 x 750 watts. A clear, clean sound. Excellent!

The day before yesterday was POYA. Actually, "Nikini Full Moon Poya Day". The Poya Day is not a single day, but a name for every holiday in Sri Lanka, which is held on the occasion of a full moon. It is then with us - especially with the music and the reflection of the full moon in the lagoon - in the seating area at the entrance really fantastic. I can vividly imagine how one can enjoy it from the sun terrace of the guest house!


We hope and are confident next time to be able to report even more positive things.

Until then Love and Light from Kalpitiya from 

David, Gayantha and everyone else too

Thursday, 18th July 2019 - 7th Newsletter 2019 from Carla’s Heritage Health Center

Dear friends

This time for various reasons a little later in the month than usual. Among other things, there were several power cuts, own power problems and some things that have needed our full attention.

But it also seems that some things are getting moving! At least the annual property taxes have now been set and registered. Part of the building approval process.

With the changes of the company registration we are only a small step further. It turned out that the first lawyer, Shantha Niriella in Negombo, has done some wrong work or failed to do some things he should have.. But we had to put our new lawyer Begum Zehra under pressure again. She now has time to finish everything by next Monday

The repayment of the returned water filter was finally done and the money we will soon invest in an automation of the irrigation system. It will make life a little easier! However, we have now installed a very simple water filter that, together with the decalcification system, has significantly improved the quality of the water.


Our animals! I've never mentioned, I believe, that at the place where the new well was drilled for our water well, the day before the drilling, a bitch gave birth to three offspring. Both the mother and two of the boys died a few weeks later. Left was Cheetah, as I called him. We, Thahil and I, took care of him and he has remained faithful to us. He is still young and very playful but a kind of watchdog all the same!


Now we have an unexpected and unplanned "baby"! About two weeks ago when we got home, a small dog baby was stumbling on the street. He could hardly walk and was also very weak. Obviously he had lost his mother or had been abandoned. Gayantha is a Buddhist and very animal loving and brought the dog baby something to eat. The next day the puppy was still nearby and I brought him back to us! We nursed him - we had to get a baby bottle - and also deloused him as much as possible.

NL-Balthazar-1   NL-Balthazar-2

He is very playful and loves our legs and feet. Unfortunately, he has now started to try out his teeth on them. We have to stop that. He sleeps a lot in all kinds of funny positions and above all he loves my construction-site sandals.

NL-Balthazar-3   NL-Balthazar-4   NL-Balthazar-5

I spontaneously christened him "Balthazar". I do not know why. It was just an inspiration. I did not know the name meaning either. For example, David's name meaning is "The Beloved". Balthazar means "Protects the King." It suits, I think.

We hope and are confident that next time we can finally report more positive things.

Until then Love and Light from Kalpitiya from 

David, Gayantha and all others as well

Wednesday, 12th June 2019 - 6th Newsletter 2019 from Carla’s Heritage Health Center

Dear  friends

For once some good news to start with! Gayantha's son Tharusha, who was hospitalized with dengue fever, was released from hospital the day after the last newsletter was sent. He has survived it well, but has to take it a little quietly for the next few weeks.

There also seems to be quite a lot moving at last!

Today we will ask how it stands now with the building permit. It should have been done last week but last week was Eid-Festival, the closing ceremony to Ramadan and it was pretty haywire. At least we have not heard that something was missing with the application!

A week ago last Monday we had an appointment in Colombo. A friend of Gayantha has recommended us another lawyer. Gayantha had told him about our problems. He briefly described how we could proceed but I will explain everything at a later date, Let's hope for the best!

With the changes of the company registration we are also one step further. What I did not know and nobody told me is that the registration has to be renewed annually. So there are three renewals missing. We had to put pressure on our new lawyer Begum Zehra. She is a lawyer, but, what we did not know, she is still in the internship phase. After the meeting with the new lawyer, Gayantha then went to his family in Ambulangoda and last Monday I went to to pick him up in Negombo. We also knew that Begum Zehra wanted to make an appointment with the company registration office again that day. Finally we had to drive to Colombo first to attend a meeting at 5pm with her supervisor. He has now taken over everything and has promised to close the matter this week. Again we hope for the best! We'll probably have to go to Colombo again to sign papers.

We have finally solved another problem. The water from our well, which we use for our own purposes and for irrigation and everything else, is extremely calcareous. And the cleaning is extremely tedious! Especially the tiles in the bathroom and the fountains outside. We had to use liters of decalcifier. There are a lot of things you cannot buy here in Sri Lanka, such as underwater lights. I then discovered AliExpress. It is an internet organization that unites several thousand Chinese businesses and sells almost everything! At good prices and with very low shipping costs. I finally ordered a rather expensive water filter. But before that I asked the company and they assured me that the problem with the limestone could be solved to a large extent with their filter.


The filter has a flush option. Unfortunately, this did not help and the water pressure became less and less and it was clear that the filter was clogged. The company finally agreed to take back the filter and refund. So we sent it back to China.

The solution was a lot easier! I had a system in Switzerland in our house that solved the problem perfectly. And I also discovered and ordered a similar system from AliExpress. It consists of a control box and two wires that are wrapped around the water pipes. And it works extremely well! In Europe, there are better-looking but a lot more expensive devices.


We need to clean the fountains much less often and with less effort. But a problem with the new fountain are the granite stones. They cause algae. But with additing chlorine, we are now pretty much in control of this.

Since the engineer Prasanga Perera already did his evaluation of the building situation a year ago and the "Kalinga Case" is approaching, a new evaluation of the situation must probably be made. Gayantha has detected further deficiencies in his "inspections".

Column-Base-NL   Column-Top-NL

Support pillars and foundation columns are not right above each other and the support columns already have cracks at the top! It would not surprise us if Prasanga's verdict would be "Best to tear everything down and start again!"

The months of April and May were very hot. But now the monsoon season has started and it can sometimes rain quite heavily. However, according to my experience in Kalpitiya not as strong as in the south of the island. It has also cooled down a bit - especially at night - which is very pleasant. But it is still very warm for European conditions. The situation this morning at 8 o'clock:


However, because of the high humidity, the temperature feels higher than it really is. This morning at 8 o'clock it was 29 ° C but it felt like (RealFeel) 35 ° C. You get used to it!

Next time we hope to finally report that the building permit is issued, the company registration is done and the "Kalinga case" is initiated.

Until then Love and Light from Kalpitiya from

David, Gayantha and everyone else too

Sunday, 12th May 2019 - 5th Newsletter 2019 from Carla’s Heritage Health Center

Dear friends

This time there is nearly as much to report as last time! As usual pleasing and less pleasing.

Fortunately nobody from my "family" or circle of friends and acquaintances was affected by the cruel, inhumane Easter attacks. But it does not seem to be over yet. But, as always, the media is slaughtering the situation! We almost did not notice anything here in Kalpitiya. Only the increased police and army presence on the roads.

I never hid my opinion about politics and the politicians. It is the dirtiest and most corrupt business that exists here on earth. And Europe is no exception. There it is much more subtle and better hidden than here. And the voters contribute to the disaster. In the US, a clown is elected president and now a professional comedian in the Ukraine! Where does that lead to !?

The political situation here in Sri Lanka has been extremely tense for some time and is unlikely to change until the 2025 elections. Let's wait and see!

The things with the company registration and the building permit are still dragging on! I wrote last time that every time we bring something, they say "sorry, but now we need .....". Soon after the last newsletter went out, it happened again! Now we have to contact the surveyor, as they need a plan of the original plot. And he is in Puttalam!

Our new lawyer and company secretary Mrs. Begun Zehra is also not finished with the company registration yet. Each time she says "next Monday". And that since two months! Let's see if tomorrow it is finally here!

Recently, a whole family of dolphins visited the lagoon in front of my property. Unfortunately we do not have a boat otherwise we could have gone closer. But it was all the same such a spectacular natur spectacle.


I have been swimming in the lagoon every evening for a few weeks now. Gayantha is also my personal trainer and tells me every evening: "The lagoon is ready!". At the moment it is only 300 - 400 meters every evening but I will increase it slowly..

ds-A   ds-B  ds-C

Nice to have fruits in front of the door! At that time, Thahil planted a banana tree right next to the water tank construction and now it bears fruit. Bananas and milk are usually the main part of our afternoon 5 o'clock energy drink. Sometimes mixed with vanilla ice cream, sometimes with chocolate, sometimes with mango ice cream in the blender.

kban-1   kban2

It is now "Tal" time. This is the name of the tree Borassus flabellifer, also called Palmyrapalm, Lontaropalm or sometimes sugar palm. A few local boys asked if they could get down the fruits of one tree (we have four). Not a simple task, because the branches have very sharp thorns and these must be removed first, so that one reaches the fruits. The fruits themselves have a white-yellowish jelly, which is much appreciated.

Tal-1   Tal-1-2   Tal-2   Tal-4

I definitely had to say "goodbye" to Asanka. A dear lady friend has already experienced similar "cases" and summed it up as follows: "Asanka has to realize that he has to change his inner attitude, otherwise the therapy will not have an effect in the long term, because it is always the same They want to make it better for themselves, but keep their character, which has led them into dependencies and problems, and has given themselves and others suffering, lies and deceptions become a matter of course and if you reveal them, then they get angry and aggressive against those, who they claim to be their good friends, confidants and companions". We had to acknowledge that two months of rehabilitation have not changed his attitude. And he does not seem to want to change it!

It is not just "Tal" time but also "dengue" time. The potentially fatal disease is transmitted by mostly diurnal tiger mosquitoes. Since the beginning of 2018, around 45,700 cases of dengue infections have been reported and at least 45 people have died of it. At least, the numbers are falling: in 2017 there were a total of 185 195 diseases and at least 395 fatalities. The authorities have since then been successful in trying to combat mosquitoes more effectively.

Dengue fever can be fatal, though not at the initial infection. It then triggers only a flu-like illness that occurs two to ten days after a mosquito bite. Typical symptoms include high fever, severe headache and pain in the limbs, pain behind the eyes and a fleeting erythema. The pain and the fever soon fade away, but sufferers may feel beaten off for several weeks.

Gayantha received word on Wednesday afternoon that his second son, Tharusha, had to be examined for suspected dengue infection. Unfortunately, the suspicion was confirmed and he had to be hospitalized. Gayantha then went to Ambulangoda the same evening to his family. Tharusha is still not out of danger but he is a strong boy and will surely survive it. Tharusha's older brother Hirusha, Gayantha and Gayantha's brother-in-law alternate at the hospital at the bedside. So there is always a relative with him.

Gayantha and I still have a lot to do when he returns. Work does not run out! More soon.

Until then Love and Light from Kalpitiya from 

David, Gayantha and everyone else too

Tuesday, 16th April 2019 - 4th Newsletter 2019 from Carla’s Heritage Health Center

Dear friends

This time there is much to report! A little later than usual, but we just have the New Year celebrations behind us. More about that later.

The things with the company registration and the building permit prove to be quite complicated and tedious. The company registration is done so far. We are just waiting for confirmation from Colombo. For the building permit, we had to get proof of ownership of the property over the past 30 years. These are available for Kalpitiya in Puttalam - an hour's drive away. We needed almost a whole day! If those people would be working so diligently and accurately as the bees on the outside of the building it would have been easier.

Puttalam-1   Puttalam-2

Back in Kalpitiya, the responsible office determined that a paper was missing. So we had to go to Puttalam again! In general, there is no checklist of documents to submit and nobody knows exactly what they need. Every time we bring something, they say "sorry, but we also need .....".

I've long suspected that Thahil is not completely honest. Sometimes, when I came back from Negombo, I felt that something was missing. Gayantha and I recently installed additional surveillance cameras - without Thahil knowing it first. We have caught him in action and have the photographic evidence! Stealing chocolate bars that I always have ready for children, then drinking milk from the package (coffee, bread and bananas he can take any time) and taking something away with the help of his son Passi

Thahil-Schoggi   Thahil-Milk   Thahil-Bike

Gayantha also found out that Thahil had demanded outrageous prices for hiring workers. He was asking up to three times the daily wage and two-thirds he kept for himself. We had to part with him. We wanted to settle it peacefully, but he preferred to file a complaint with the police claiming that he had not received his wages. But I was able to prove that, on the contrary, he owed me money because he had received so many advances. The policeman believed me and reprimanded Thahil "he should not bite the hand that feeds him". But he said it differently and much more primitively but very emphatically in Singhalese.

In order to get the mobile phone and the bike back, we then had to ask the police for help. In the end, we got both but Thahil and his family vandalized the bike. The story is not over yet! Bike still intact, stickers torn away, saddle destroyed:

Bike   DSCN1527   bike-2

Asanka has been "out" since Friday, March 1st. Short version! He called me, wanted to talk to me first (I refused) and then asked to talk to Gayantha, who was not here. The jungle phone works here too! Even in prison! He already knew that Gayantha is with me now. On Sunday, I picked up Gayantha im Negombo, who had a few days off and had been with his family in Ambulangoda. I had to pick up something at Nilminis place anyway so Gayantha did not have to do the whole trip by train and bus. Otherwise it takes 8 hours and more! We went to Kalpitiya. At 9 pm Asanka called. He was now in Palaviya (about an hour away by bus) and traveling to us! Shortly after 10 pm he turned up here. We did not want to let him in but he just climbed over the fence! We talked, talked and talked! He simply did not want to understand that I did not want and could not take him back. After 19 hours I gave him an ultimatum. Either he goes voluntarily or I'll get the police! Then he agreed to do what we have been aiming at for a long time. A rehabilitation! Gayantha organized everything on Monday night and on Tuesday afternoon we delivered him to the rehabilitation center "Enlightenment through the darkness" in Katana near Negombo. For an unlimited time! He himself signed his entry! On Thursday, March 14th, we (Gayantha and I) went to Katana and had a conversation with the caring doctor and then together with Asanka. We were also allowed to talk to Asanka before, although the rule is that the "clients" (about 100 are housed there) in the first 14 days may not receive a visit. Anyway, the rehabilitation center makes a good, serious impression.

ettd-1   ettd-2

I talked to Ajith, the head of the center, a pastor, and he said that Asanka is making great progress. In any case, he got permission for leave for the recent holidays.

The Singhalese and Tamil New Year took place on April 13th and 14th this year. Gayantha had invited me to celebrate with his family in Ambulangoda near Galle. We went to Negombo last Friday to pick up Asanka and then drove to Ambulangoda. Gayantha is a devout Buddhist and most of the people in his area as well. A lot was new to me! On the first of the two days, in the late afternoon, they go from house to house to relatives and friends. Then the younger ones give the elders a bundle of betel leaves, and on their knees beg forgiveness for their sins of the past year. In the evening we celebrate, drink and sing! Until the early morning hours!

betel   ambula-1

On the second day we drove to Hikkaduwa around midday and went for a walk on the beach. We saw three big sea turtles. Unfortunately we could not take pictures of them because we did not have swimming trunks with us and they were too far out. But we also saw two baby sharks in the shallows.

hikka-1   hikka-2

In the afternoon, a coconut milk ritual was performed in every house. Fire is made under a stone pot with coconut milk and heated until the milk overflows. The more evenly it overflows, the more luck it will bring for the coming year.

ambula-2   ambula-3

Then comes the "Exchange" ritual, which I did not understood for a long time - not even now really. You give another person a money note wrapped in a betel leaf. That should bring wealth in the coming year. Here I presented pne to Gayanthas youngest Sandusha and we also did a group photo - from left to right Asanka with Sandusha, Gayantha, his wife Anoja (Nadee), me and the two other sons Hirusha and Tharusha

ambula-5  ambula-4

Yesterday, Monday we brought Asanka back to the center. Not without a crisis with him! He does not change his basic attitude and seems unwilling to do so. Let's see how it goes with him!

Finally, the promised pictures of the new "Lady" fountain. The fountain is not quite finished, since Thahil is not here anymore and we did not have the time up to now. We still have to decorate the outer walls.


And if you click HERE you can see a short nocturnal video clip of the fountain!

While we were in Ambulangoda we unfortunately got some bad news. Sumith has had a second stroke (or a brain haemorrhage - it is not clear). Gayantha and I visited him at the hospital yesterday. We hope he recovers well.

Gayantha and I have more tasks. Work does not run out! More soon.

Until then Love and Light from Kalpitiya from 

David, Gayantha and all others as well

Monday, 11th March 2019 - 3rd Newsletter 2019 from Carla’s Heritage Health Center

Dear friends

There is a lot to report this time!

On the afternoon of February 17, our visit from Switzerland arrived at the airport. I picked up Gregor and Madeleine at the airport as I had promised them.


Gayantha, who was waiting nearby with the car, then picked us up and we drove directly to Kalpitiya. We then took a refreshment at our place and then Gregor and Madeleine moved into their cabana at the Araliya Resort. A little later they spent a pleasant evening with us. They really enjoyed the pleasant warmth in the evening after the cold in Switzerland!


The next day was scheduled for them as a "rest day". They went to the beach and went swimming in the sea.

They had already given us some wishes regarding excursions. Since the stay in Sri Lanka actually lasted only 9 days, we had to reduce everything a bit. The trip to observe dolphins and whales, we finally deleted. They had already seen enough elsewhere.

On Wednesday, February 20th, we did a full day trip to the Wilpattu National Park. This is on the other side of the lagoon, diagonally across from us. Originally we wanted to go over by boat but there were apparently landing difficulties due to low tide and high tide. So we drove by car over Puttalam to Wilpattu. We first did a lagoon tour in the Gangewadiya Conservation Forest. A trip through mangrove forests.

Willpattu-1   Willpattu-2   Willpattu-3

There was also the "elephant tree" - so called because of its size and age (about 700 years). An impressive appearance.

Willpattu-4   Willpattu-5   Willpattu-7

After a short break we went with a jeep to Wilpattu National Park. To get there you have to drive over a dam. It is likely that they are trying to prevent diseases from being brought in or taken out.

Willpattu-8   Wilpattu-9

First we had to go to the cash register to pay for admission! Gregor and Madeleine each had to pay 2000 rupees. For most of Sri Lanka very much but acceptable for Europeans - about CHF 11. I am with a residence permit as a local and Gayantha anyway and we only had to pay 60 rupees - about 35 centimes!

The park is 1.317 square kilometers and lies from 0 to 152 meters above sea level. Nearly sixty natural lakes are in the park. Wilpattu is the largest and one of the oldest parks in Sri Lanka. Wilpattu is also world famous for its leopard populations, although today there are only about 70.

Our first encounter was with a so-called land monitor and then with elephants.

Wilpattu-10   Wilpattu-11   Wilpattu-12

We also saw a lot of beautiful birds.

Wilpattu-13   Wilpattu-14   Wilpattu-15   Wilpattu-16

Our driver was searching for a leopard all the time. The administration of the park tries to protect the stock in an exemplary way. The posters are reminiscent of similar ones in Europe!


We had just taken a short break when our driver was suddenly in a hurry to continue. He had received word from a colleague that they had sighted a leopard. We finally saw the animal just before it disappeared in the bushes again.


Our driver drove immediately to the other side of the shrubbery and there we could see the beautiful animal again.

Wilpattu-19   Wilpattu-20

We were lucky and had a very competent driver!

Another day we took a short trip to Thalawila. The church there became "substitute pilgrimage church" for the church in Madhu during the Civil War when it was impossible to drive to the north. They have now also built a very nice modern chapel.

Thalawila-1   Thalawila-2   Thalawila-3

On Saturday, February 23, we left early in the morning for Kandy. Our first stop was the Royal Botanic Gardens in Peradeniya. A unique 60-hectare facility that houses and cultivates over 4,000 tree and plant species. Everything was very well maintained!

Peredeniya-0   Peredeniya-1   Peredeniya-2

Peredeniya-4   Peredeniya-3  From Madagaskar the canon ball tree!

Peredeniya-5   Peredeniya-6   Peredeniya-8   Peredeniya-9

Peredeniya-10   Peredeniya-12   Peredeniya-11 Exemplary!

Also some monkeys are at home here!

Peredeniya-13   Peredeniya-14   Peredeniya-15   Peredeniya-16

A highlight was when Gayantha discovered the Nux Vomica tree that Gregor longed to see. Nux Vomica is one of the best known homeopathic remedies. After that a little rest was on the program!

Peredeniya-17   Peredeniya-18

We briefly visited the Buddhist temple in Kandy - Temple of the Tooth - and then spent the night in Kandy in a nice well-kept guesthouse - the Pearl House.


The next morning we drove to the station to take the well-known train ride to the highlands. Originally we wanted to do a 7 hour trip, but decided to shorten it to 4 hours and then got off the train at Nanu Oya, where Gayantha picked us up with the car. It was an interesting drive with the changing vegetation and the large tea plantations.

Kandy-2   Kandy-3

Kandy-4   Kandy-5

Gayantha then drove us to Negombo, where Gregor and Madeleine moved into a hotel. They spent one day in Negombo and flew back to Switzerland the next day. We went back to Kalpitiya.

We still have some problems with the new fountain, which we will certainly be able to solve until the next newsletter. Then there are pictures of it!

Gayantha and I have to solve some other problems as well!

Until then Love and Light from Kalpitiya from 

David, Gayantha and everyone else too

Thursday, 14th February 2019 - 2nd Newsletter 2019 from Carla’s Heritage Health Center

Dear friends

A lot has happened in the last 30 days!

Gayantha is back in Sri Lanka since January 13th. I encouraged him to spend some time first with his family in Ambalangoda. After all, he has not seen his wife and three sons for more than two years!

He visited me in Kalpitiya on January 19th, together with his eldest son Hirusha and his brother Wasantha with his son. They spent the evening here and drove home at night. He brought me from Abu Dhabi on my request Appenzeller cheese! A quarter of a whole cheese, 1.8 kg! I knew it was available at a supermarket in Abu Dhabi. He also gave me as a present two young King coconut trees, which we then planted in front of the entrance to my house.

On the 26th of January he visited me again and stayed the night. We discussed a lot and agreed that he would start working for me at the beginning of February. However, since he returned to Sri Lanka, he had already started collecting information, making arrangements and planning on my behalf.

On Saturday 2nd of February we met in Negombo. I wanted to do a few things in Negombo anyway (including the hairdresser) and Gayantha did not have to travel the whole trip  (more than six hours) by train and bus, as we met in Negombo and drove together to Kalpitiya, where we arrived early in the evening.

He settled in quickly! He helps - with cooking, with repairs, with constructions - and above all he thinks as well! He is a very pleasant guy and we have known each other for more than 17 years. He also speaks English very well and it is nice to have someone here with whom I can talk and discuss problems.

Gaya-1   Gaya-2   Gaya-3   Gaya-4

I had problems with the electricity company. Since the thunderstorm and the lightning strike almost a year ago, the meter stopped working and consumption is only estimated. This is apparently not allowed. They should really then only charge the basic fee. Gayantha has already managed to start fixing everything and it looks like the meter will finally be repaired and me credited with a lot of money at the power company! But we still have to make one or two "visits"! Regarding the registration of the company changes, we have now clarified everything and hope to be able to do it soon. But we have to have Nilmini's signature and this must be done in front of and certified by a lawyer. Then we are ready to file the lawsuit against Kalinga! Now everything is finally moving!

The new fountain is already quite far. The planning was a big task and quite complicated, as this fountain is really very challenging. Three water pumps and four lights systems, all of which require switch controls and wiring. There was - as you can see below - a real "pipe salad". Thahil was more than a little overwhelmed by the task!

LF-1   LF-2   LF-3

LF-4   LF-5

But we are already at the "final stage" and hope very much that we have the new "Lady" fountain in operation by next Sunday. We can then take our time for the "fine-tuning".

On Sunday our visit comes from Switzerland! We are very happy! They had expressed some wishes regarding excursions and sightseeing. Gayantha and I have already prepared and submitted a few suggestions to them. But we will all do the detailed planning here together.

So I am very positive at the moment and hope to be able to report further progress next time.

Until then Love and Light from Kalpitiya from 

David, Gayantha and everyone else too

Wednesday, 16th January 2019 - 1st Newsletter 2019 from Carla’s Heritage Health Center

Dear friends

With a bit of delay the first newsletter this year from Kalpitiya. This time only a little news but one very good thing, which will now - I hope - shape my future strongly.

The year has not started so happily for me. I had a cold for quite a while now. Especially in recent times, we had very strong winds in Kalpitiya. The temperatures are actually not that much lower but with the wind you sometimes have the feeling that it is pretty cool. In addition, when we went to Chilaw on January 1, the air conditioning stopped working. We later found out that someone had not properly closed the cap on the radiator. I drove then with open windows - thus a  draft! As a result, I had a very painful angina neuralgia attack with severe sore throat, radiating out to the neck and chest. It took a few days to cure it but now I'm fine and the energy is returning.

As I already wrote, the next fountain is already planned! I discovered a company in Chilaw that makes a wide range of cement figures of all kinds.

Cementfig-1   Cementfig-2   Cementfig-3   Cementfig-4

Our lions at the entrance gate are also from there. As a decoration for the new fountain, we have already bought some cement figures. Also a Sri Lanka elephant will be there - but then without Paragat, Thahils youngest.


I'll be having visitors from Switzerland again next month! From a naturopathic colleague with his wife. He was, like me, at the VAHAR (Association Active Practitioner Appenzell Ausserrhoden) - I am already looking forward to welcoming Gregor and Madeleine at the airport on 17th February. They will be staying at my neighbor Agrars cabanas and they stay here for 10 days. We are sure to have a great time together!

Now for the really good news! My longtime "old" friend Gayantha, of whom I already reported in November 2015, will come back to Sri Lanka and assist me. Here is the photo again. I do not have a newer one yet.


Gayantha has decided to come home after 17 years in Abu Dhabi. On the one hand to be with his family and on the other hand to help me. So far, there was the hindrance that he needed a certain income to feed and support his family. He has his wife Anoja and his three sons Hirusha, Tharusha and Sadusha, who are still in education, and the eldest also wants to study. Fortunately - for me - the economic war between China and Trump has caused the currencies in Asia to lose value. That means for me that I get a lot more in my local currency for my state pension! So I can afford to get involved and do not have to limit myself greatly. He has now cleared up everything in Abu Dhabi. He sold his car, but had to go down with the price. His visa had to be suspended. He arrived in Sri Lanka last Sunday morning. But I told him to spend the first few days with his family. After all, he has not seen them for 2 years! I hope - and believe - that together with him, I can get things moving. He is expecting to visit me in Kalpitiya next Saturday and we will discuss how we then proceed. It fits together that I have a business idea and he wants to start his own business here in Sri Lanka.

So I am very positive at the moment and hope to announce some progress next time.

Until then Love and Light from Kalpitiya from 

David and everyone else too                    

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