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Wednesday, 22nd July 2020 - 7th Newsletter 2020 from Carla’s Heritage Health Center

Dear friends

Thanks to the tireless efforts of Gayantha, we are slowly but surely approaching our goal. I cannot provide details for certain reasons. I would endanger us and our goals. I hope you understand.

But it is extremely tedious and every time we think and believe we can go one step further, something comes up! And sometimes everything seems to go wrong and nothing works. Frustrating!

The official building permit and the official detailed report of the structural engineer are at least completed.

I very much hope that I can report more positive things next time!

Gayantha and I continue to work on the maintenance and expansion of the environmental work. The fairy lights that we used to decorate the coconut palms and the tal trees had not worked. They looked very nice, but there were always problems. They were supposed to be weatherproof but the wires were extremely thin and lizards and rats were constantly nibbling on them or even biting them through. We were repairing all the time and then in heavy rain there were quickly shorts circuits. We have now replaced everything with fixed strips of lights and hope that these will last longer. It has rained a lot and hard in the last few days and there were no problems with the new light strips! We have decorated the three tal trees at the waterfall with strips of light in the Sri Lanka colors - yellow, green and red.


Our fruits are ripening  - Pomegranates, Bananas and Mangos!

NL_07-20_GA   NL_07-20_B

NL_07-20_M-1   NL_07-20_M-2   NL_07-20_M-3

Until next time Love and Light from Kalpitiya from 

David, Gayantha and all others as well

Sunday, 21st June 2020 - 6th Newsletter 2020 from Carla’s Heritage Health Center

Dear friends

I wrote the penultimate time "We were about to finish some things, but now we are totally blocked." But now everything is finally moving!

Thanks to the tireless efforts of Gayantha, we are now a few steps further and are approaching our goal.

The official building permit is now done and in our possession. Gayantha even achieved that we didn't have to pay anything anymore. After all, it was not our fault that the authorities filed the files incorrectly and could not find them for a long time!

A week ago we finally received the official detailed report from the structural engineer. As we expected, he also strongly condemned all of the general contractor's work. His recommendation: demolish everything and start over fresh!

A group of "specialists" had provisionally announced to come today but ultimately did not confirm the date. But they will surely turn up soon.

I am sure that I can report more positive things next time!

We are blessed with lots of fresh fruits! We almost always have our own bananas. Gayantha recently harvested king coconuts from our tree again.


King coconuts are considered a remedy - for everything. You usually only drink the juice. It has isontonic properties, which is why it is best to drink it in the morning.

One of our mango trees bears many flowers and even small fruits. We are already looking forward to the ripe fruits!


Maybe we'll even get our own passion fruits! So far I have only discovered one flower in the climbing plants, but ......

NL06PF-1   NL06PF-2.jpg

I have written before about the many orthographic errors that can be discovered here in Sri Lanka all the time - even on large posters! Now I have discovered something completely incomprehensible to me. "Corona Virus" has been on everyone's lips for the past few months. You could hear it everywhere. You could read it everywhere - in the news, in the newspapers. On a banner - of all places at the entrance to the parish hall here in Kalpitiya - neither "Corona" nor "Virus" could be spelled correctly in English! And everything is in Sinhala, Tamil and English. For the English the Tamil spelling of "Virus" has been used.


It has been very hot in the past few days. It is now 9 o'clock in the morning and already 30 ° C outside - but "Real Feel" 35 ° C. In my office it is already 31 ° C! I'm going to have to restrict working outside today!

Until next time Love and Light from Kalpitiya from

David, Gayantha and all others as well

Thursday, 21st Mai 2020 - 5th Newsletter 2020 from Carla’s Heritage Health Center

Dear friends

The corona virus still has a firm grip on the whole world, although it has long been clear that most organizations and governments at first reacted too slowly and later (or even too late) overreacted. It is a common human trait to be reluctant to admit mistakes, apologize, and initiate corrections. This characteristic is very pronounced among governments and politicians. In my eyes, this would not show "weakness" but "greatness". The worst thing in my opinion was the fear- and panicmaking. The media were also significantly involved here. Fear has been shown to weaken the immune system and this was certainly the wrong thing in the current situation. But enough of that!

Gayantha was finally able to return to Kalpitiya on May 11th! After 5 weeks! The restrictions have finally been relaxed and the shelves in the shops are slowly filling up again. Kalpitiya is somewhat off the beaten track and it will take a while until everything has normalized in this respect.

During his absence, I took care of all the plants and did any maintenance work. From the seeds of fruit we had bought, I grew seedlings - papaya and avocado.


Our small pomegranate tree will bear some fruit this time.

NL-Pomeg-1   NL-Pomeg-2

When I was alone, all the fruits on our jambu tree ripened. I reckon around 20 kg!

NL-Jambu-1   NL-Jambu-2

They actually taste almost like apples and are slightly acidic. I couldn't possibly eat them all myself. I gave away a few. Then I thought about what else I could do with them. When we had so many bananas, I made banana chutney. Great with curry, cheese, cold meat etc. Nadee, Gayantha's wife, was also so fond of it. Gayantha, however, doesn't particularly like vinegar and the main ingredients in chutney are fruit, sugar, vinegar and spices.


Gayantha wasn't thrilled when I told him what I was up to. You just eat jambu fruit, you don't cook it. We have a saying in German "Was der Bauer nicht kennt, frisst er nicht" (What the farmer does not know. he will not eat!) But it is quite successful and tastes wonderful, I think. The sweetness of the sugar, the sharpness of the vinegar and the slight acidity of the fruit combine very harmoniously. Let's see what Nadee says about it. I made for her too. Here is a picture of both chutneys. Banana chutney on the left, Jambu chutney on the right.


I wrote last time "We were just about to be able to do some things finally. But now we are totally blocked". Until now, state departments, offices etc. were all closed. Slowly, but very slowly, everything normalizes in this area too. But it is very frustrating!

We went to Wariyapola last Tuesday. There we had to pick up the report of an investigation that we ordered about the quality of the concrete blocks used by Kalinga. The structural engineer needs this for his report. Finally something done!

Wariyapola is only about 20 km from Kurunegula. There we had bought a grass trimmer, which now had to be repaired under guarantee. Now that's done as well! I mainly went with Gayantha because Kurunegula is a larger city and has some good supermarkets. We had to replenish our heavily shrunk stocks. The security measures were terrifying. Only a certain number of people are admitted. In front of each entrance there was a sink with soap and / or disinfectant to clean the hands. In two supermarkets, security even measured your temperature at the entrance! Madness! In Kalpitiya, people don't take it so seriously. Of course, the rules are there. But for example in the local supermarket the owner Jamakil wears a mask. But mostly around the neck! But here too there are incredible, unbelievable examples! There is a men's hairdresser in Kalpitiya, where there is not only a hand wash basin in front of the door, but also a foot bath!

Coiffeur-1   Coiffeur-2   Coiffeur-3

I very much hope that I can finally report more positive things next time and that everything will "normalize" a bit again. Unfortunately, "normal" will certainly not be the same as it used to be!

Until then Love and Light from Kalpitiya from 

David, Gayantha and all others as well

Tuesday, 21st April 2020 - 4th Newsletter 2020 from Carla’s Heritage Health Center

Dear friends

The corona virus has paralyzed the whole world! I have expressed my opinion on the whole situation sufficiently in the two "Newsletter Special".

As I wrote in the last newsletter, Sri Lanka has been spared, despite the proximity and the strong connections to China. However, the current statistics ( still show terrifying results - especially in Europe and the USA.

The government here has responded in an exemplary manner and Sri Lanka is at the top of the list of countries and governments that have responded most efficiently. In the recently published GRID index, Sri Lanka shares 9th place with Hong Kong, UAE, Japan and Taiwan.


In the last newsletter I wrote at the end "I am sure I will be able to report more positive things next time". This is not possible because nothing is going on! We were about to finish some things. But now we are totally blocked. Especially the north is considered a "risk area" and Kalpitiya is part of it. The curfew has been in effect without a break since April 6th. Exactly on that day, Gayantha successfully applied for a travel permit to Ambalangoda. Something had to be picked up for us there and he wanted to be with his family to celebrate the Sinhalese New Year and, because of the whole situation, he had not had any off-days for a long time.

I get on well here alone. I had to have medication, but Gayantha contacted the pharmacy here by phone and they delivered it to my place in the evening! Great service! A truck comes with full drinking water bottles (17Ltr for the dispenser) almost daily and takes the empty ones with them. Another truck with vegetables, fruits and groceries should also come regularly, but has been missing for a few days. Also coming regularly, bakery tuc-tucs (tricycle vehicles) with fresh baked goods. Otherwise one is dependent on reserve stocks.

Now it's getting critical! Gayantha is not currently getting a travel permit from Ambalangoda to Kalpitiya. In Sri Lanka, restrictions are also slowly being eased, but more new infections have been identified for two days, and decisions have been changed in some cases. Gayantha originally expected to be able to travel back yesterday Monday April 20th. Then he had to change this yesterday morning to tomorrow Wednesday. In the evening it became clear that a return trip before Monday, April 27th will not be possible! We just can only wait and see.

Our "Lenas" have become extremely trusting! I reported about these native little squirrels some time ago - Ratufa macroura. In the meantime, they are eating not only out of Gayanthas but also out of my hand. But they are very agile and I have not yet managed to photograph this. But I will keep trying!


I think we can all use some distraction, something nice, something encouraging at the moment. A dear friend from Kreuzlingen sent me the link to this video clip.


Bird Song Opera. "ShakeUp Music" recomposed The Magic Flute Papageno/Papagena Duet into a colorful Mozart bird aria. Listen to an audiovisual Twitterstorm performed by our feathered fellows.

You can watch and hear the video clip HERE. Enjoy it!

I very much hope that I will be able to report more positive things next time and that everything will be "normalized" a bit again. Unfortunately, "normal" will certainly never be the same as it used to be!

Until then Love and Light from Kalpitiya from 

David, Gayantha and all others as well

Saturday, 4th April 2020 - Newsletter Special No.2 2020 from Carla’s Heritage Health Center

Dear friends

The response to my first newsletter "special" totally exceeded my expectations! Thank you for all feedback and redirects.

I didn't really want it! But now I have to comment on the current situation. I can no longer "squat on my mouth"! It wasn't so long ago that I made it clear what I think of politics and politicians. OK, exceptions are known to confirm the rule. But my opinion has not changed.

Since I campaigned for protection against the COVID-19, I have been bombarded with messages and video clips on this subject from friends. I will mention two of them below and provide the corresponding link. Unfortunately the video clips are all in German but one does have English subtitles. But sometimes one can get the sense all the same.

First of all, something very positive about Sri Lanka and me. The government has responded to the situation in an exemplary manner and has taken a crackdown. Contact persons with infected people were followed up, searched for by the police and placed in quarantine. Ban on going out was imposed. The ban on going out is usually lifted every 3-4 days for only 6-8 hours. Then you can go shopping. Access to the larger stores (supermarkets) is controlled by the police and only a certain number of people are let in at once. However, many shelves are empty in the supermarkets! Pharmacies remain open all the time. Violations of the ban on going out are punished severely - e.g. Arrests. Here in the northwestern part of the island there is now a week without interruption. And most of them stick to it! A truck comes daily with full drinking water bottles (17Ltr for the dispenser) and takes the empty ones with them. A little more expensive than if you get it yourself but only 25 US cents! (The whole bottle not per liter). Another truck with vegetables, fruits and food arrived yesterday afternoon and we were able to stock up on fresh vegetables and rice. It was slowly becoming critical with the rice stock. A disaster for Gayantha!

These tough, consistent measures have also been successful. Yesterday in Sri Lanka only 8 new cases. A total of "only" 159 cases, of which 24 were successfully treated. Currently "only" 5 critical cases. For comparison; 1,059 new cases in Switzerland yesterday! And Switzerland has only 40% of the Sri Lankan population! The President and the country were even praised by the Healh Review Global in a press release (see HERE).

I suspected from the beginning and also said that there is more to this COVID-19 story than we think. And there is a lot to think about! For centuries, the rich and influential have had the vision of a world government! And nothing has changed. Only the "actors" have of course taken turns, but they usually still come from the same clans. Rockefeller, Rothschild and more recently Bill Gates. The well-researched and educational video clip has the title

The power structures behind Corona - they want a world government

The author writes: "Since the number and severity of the corona cases do not justify this scaremongering, I want to explain the political agenda behind it in this video. Because what we really have in front of us here is not a corona virus, but one Political seizure of power by certain people and organizations that can be named in concrete terms: Rothschild, Rockefeller, Warburg, Gates, Council on Foreign Relations, UN, WHO and many more The deprivation of rights of a large part of the world population in the course of the corona hysteria is only a further step on the way to the goal of an equal world population controlled by a small elite. "

Here the LINK -

If you still believe that the WHO and UN organizations are independent after watching this video clip, you haven't really looked! The old saying "money rules the world" is still true. It is indeed a Germanized Latin proverb, motto of Duke Friedrich I of Saxony-Gotha-Altenburg (1649 - 1691): "Imperat in toto Regina Pecunia Mundo".

The second video clip "Corona Truth No One Can See by Coach Cecil" reveals current cases and examples of how we are duped. Even the ZDF spread fake news in a program called "ZDF Spezial von 26.03.2020"? But the people are slowly awake and more skeptical! Only 299 voting viewers rated the show as good (thumbs up), compared to 6077 voting viewers who rated the show as bad (thumbs up)! Furthermore, after watching the video clip, you know how the statistics are manipulated. From the John Hopkins Institute, which coordinates and publishes all the figures, we then also know that two employees. who work for the institute are indirectly on Bill Gates' payroll! And what is fundamentally wrong is that no difference is made whether a patient dies "from" or "with" the virus. For statistics, everyone is a corona death!

Here the LINK -

I remember my father Harold Snoad when I see such machinations and indiscriminate, unconfirmed distribution of the media. He would turn around in his grave today. He was then in the 1950s CEO of the largest publishing house in Great Britain. He was also the co-founder of the first independent TV broadcaster ITV. He always gave a speech to around 5,000 employees at Christmas. The speech (Christmas message) was distributed to all plants and subsidiaries via a network. He always emphasized that the media have a responsibility, a big responsibility. It is to truthfully and correctly inform and educate the people. And how is the situation today!

For those whose interest has not yet expired and still have time, here is a LINK - lobbyists /. It is a documentary that will be broadcasted on ARTE today, but is also available on the Internet. The film is not new but also very well researched and still up to date.

If we continue to do nothing, we will ultimately lose our democracy. Do we want that? We have to stay awake and do everything we can to prevent this from happening!

I expressly give permission to reproduce or forward this newsletter!

We wish you a nice, healthy time and send Love and Light from Kalpitiya 

David, Gayantha and everyone else too

Sunday, 22nd March 2020 - Newsletter Special 2020 from Carla’s Heritage Health Center

Dear friends

It's me again My helper syndrome spurs me on!

In the current situation we all have to protect ourselves - especially the older age groups! We have to grab every straw, even if we find that it does not promise much or that it seems unlikely that it can be used as an aid.

Here the link to a video clip whih “fell to me” The video clips are in German but I think that even if one does not understand the German language one gets an impression and an idea of what it is about. A German doctor/dentist (Tirol) tells that he is part of a group of doctors who practice energetic medicine and who develop such symbols for protection. Here a picture I made of the symbol mentioned in the video clip.


A summary! You only need to draw (copy) or print out the symbol. You then place a jug or bottle of water on the symbol for 20-30 minutes. Then you drink a few sips 2-3 times a day. You are then optimally protected.

Please do it! I know from my experience that such things work. And even if you don't "believe" it - please do it anyway. Then stick to the motto "Even it is of no use, it does no harm".

We wish you a pleasant, healthy time and send Love and Light from Kalpitiya 

David, Gayantha and everyone else too 

Thursday, 19th March 2020 - 3rd Newsletter 2020 from Carla’s Heritage Health Center

Dear friends

The past four weeks have been eventful weeks!

We have ordered a new, and for the time being final, evaluation from a structural engineer about Kalinga's work and this should be available this week.

All documents for the building permit by the "Urban Development Authority" have been submitted and are in progress. Including the new expanded and supplemented construction plans, which we have had done by a qualified architect.

We had to experience how long some things take and how complicated they can be in the past two weeks!

Gayantha had to renew his identity card (ID). Therefore, last week he went to Colombo to the relevant office in Battaramulla. He left early and was there at 9:30 a.m. and called to tell me that he had arrived, but that there were about 400 people in front of him! The next time he called it was 5:30 p.m. to let me know that he was finished and had received his ID!

I had been without a license since December and had to rely on Gayantha. I had previously been allowed to drive with my Swiss driver's license and international driver's license. Now, however, the international driver's license had expired in December, but Gayantha had found that converting a European country's driver's license into a Sri Lanka driver's license was basically not a problem. This requires a medical examination and the application form. We hadn't dealt with the matter beforehand for two reasons. Firstly, Gayantha also had to renew his Sri Lankan driver's license, but he needed the new identity card to do so. Secondly, the organization of the medical exam that Gayantha had also had to do was as poorly organized as it was for identity card processing. If you were unlucky, you might have to wait all day to do it. However, the new president had visited this office and ordered a new organization. What was new was that you could now book an appointment "online". Excellent! We wanted to book our appointments for Thursday on Wednesday last week. I booked and paid Gayantha appointment after entering all personal details and the identity card number. Everything went well! Then I wanted to book my appointment but when I entered my passport number (because I don't have an identity card) the system blocked. Gayantha then called and finally received the information that foreigners did not have to reserve an appointment, there was a separate counter. So everything was prepared for Thursday!

We drove to Colombo on Thursday morning. We were there again at around 9:30 a.m. Gayantha went with me to the foreigners counter, where I was weighed and my height measured and given a number. Then it went to the next counter. After inspecting my residence permit in the passport, however, the lady told me that it is not possible to issue a Sri Lanka driving license for me, since the residence permit should be valid for at least 6 months and mine is only valid for 5 months !. So we went to the lady boss! It was not possible here either, but she then informed us that it would be possible to issue a temporary Sri Lankan driver's license and that the medical examination was then not necessary. So we went to the next office! Finally, after visiting about six different counters, we were able to do everything! Now I have a temporary Sri Lankan driver's license! But at least, I can drive again!


Last Tuesday we went to Colombo again! This time we were there before 9:00 a.m. and the meeting lasted until 6:30 p.m. with only a one-hour lunch break. It was an exhausting meeting - not least because the other party insisted that we, like him, also wore masks to protect against the corona virus. The meeting was about re-organization and re-financing of the project in Kalpitiya. Gayantha had arranged everything and his efforts paid off. We'll see in the next few weeks how successful we were but we have a good feeling. We have to be patient as usual! At the moment everything is slower than usual because of the Corona virus. More on this below.

So finally some really good news!

The authorities are not always stubborn. We recently received news that another street lamp should be installed in the street in front of the property. Until now we had none directly in front of our property but only a few meters in front of it and shortly afterwards at Raheems place with his fish business. We have installed here for almost all lamps, fountain pumps, etc. outside, Wi-Fi switches, which can be programmed with on and off times, but can also be switched manually by me but also Gayantha with our mobile phones. On my behalf, Gayantha asked the electricians from the electricity board if they could set up such a switch for the new street lamp. To our surprise, they said "yes" even though they never knew about anything like that. Gayantha explained how to mount the switch and then they started. But they connected not only the new one, but also the lamp at Raheems to the same switch. But they had to mount the Wi-Fi switch watertight. But Sri Lankans are inventive and cut off a half-liter PET bottle. The normal switch is then mounted higher up instead of at eye level for emergencies. Everything works perfectly!

DSCN2136   SL-2-engl1

Raheem was also enthusiastic, mainly because he could fool everyone. When his son Fahim came, he explained to him that this was the new way of mounting and that he had to take a ladder to be able to switch the lamp on and off. Fahim believed it briefly but only shook his head! Others he demonstrated - with my help - that the lamp could now be turned on and off with a hand clapping. One young man came back alone later and tried clapping his hands. I saw him coming and made my contribution. But then he saw me and that I did something with my mobile phone and understood it! But the whole thing was a lot of fun for all of us!

Gayantha and I take good care of our plants. I didn't know many of them which I bought together with Thahil.

For example, there is the Nelli tree. Phyllanthus emblica known as the Indian Gooseberry in English and Nelli in Sinhala is a small-to-medium-sized tree reaching 8 to 18 m in height which naturally grows in forests of the tropical Asian countries. The fruit is nearly spherical, light greenish yellow, quite smooth and hard on appearance, with six vertical stripes or furrows.

The Nelli tree is considered to be a very sacred tree in Sri Lanka, particularly among the rural people. The tree is considered to wash away the sins of the people.

Planting a Nelli tree is considered a sign of spirituality. The fruit is the most commonly utilised part of the tree. The mature fruits are edible and high in nutrition. The Nelli fruit is one of the riches sources of Vitamin C among the tropical fruits. 100g of Nelli contains 600 -1,300mg of antioxidant ascorbic acid. 

The Nelli Fruit contains five of the six tastes recognized in Ayurveda. Sweet, Sour, Bitter, Pungent and Astringent. Only the salty taste is missing.

Here are pictures of one of our two trees, the flowers and a fruit, which we hope we can enjoy more of soon.

Nelli-0   Nelli-1   Nelli-2

Then there is the jambu tree. Jambu fruit (Syzygium samarangense or Eugenia javanica) goes by many common names, including wax apple, java apple, samarang rose apple and jumrool. Although rare in cultivation outside the tropics, they are sometimes grown as ornamental or fruiting trees in warmer climates where frosts are rare.

The flowers are white to yellowish-white, 2.5 cm (1 in) diameter, with four petals and numerous stamens. They form in panicles of between 3 and 30 near branch tips. The resulting fruit is a bell-shaped, edible berry, with colors ranging from white, pale green, or green to red, purple, or crimson, to deep purple or even black. The fruit grows 4–6 centimetres (1.6–2.4 in) long in wild plants, and has 4 fleshy calyx lobes at the tip. The skin is thin, and the flesh is white and spongy. Each berry holds 1–2 rounded seeds not larger than .8 centimetres (0.3 in). The flowers and resulting fruit are not limited to the axils of the leaves, and can appear on nearly any point on the surface of the trunk and branches. When mature, the tree is considered a heavy bearer, yielding a crop of up to 700 fruits.

When ripe, the fruit will puff outwards, with a slight concavity in the middle of the underside of the "bell". Healthy wax apples have a light sheen to them. Despite its name, a ripe wax apple only resembles an apple on the outside in color. It does not taste like an apple, and it has neither the fragrance nor the density of an apple. Its flavor is similar to a snow pear, and the liquid-to-flesh ratio of the wax apple is comparable to a watermelon. Unlike either apple or watermelon, the wax apple's flesh has a very loose weave. The very middle holds a seed situated in a sort of cotton-candy-like mesh. This mesh is edible, but flavorless. The color of its juice depends on the cultivar; it may be purple to entirely colorless.

Here are pictures of the blossoms of one of our trees and the fruits that we hope to enjoy soon.

Jambu-2   Jambu-1   Jambu-3

Last but not least! Gayantha once brought a kadupul plant from Ambalangoda.

The Mystic Queen of the Night.

In India, it is called Iruludavare meaning 'night lotus'. Also, in India it is called Brahma Kamalam, named after the Hindu god of creation, Lord Brahma. It is believed that the wishes of people who pray to God while the flower is blooming will be fulfilled. Also it is called Gulebakavali in Ancient Tamil. It is called Kadupul flower in Sri Lanka (Sri Lanka’s native blossom)

Filling the night air with one-of-its-own-kind soft yet striking fragrance, the blooms of Kadupul unfold. Embracing and reveling you in the beauty that took one year! While you stand there mesmerized, not knowing what to do as you watch nature’s one of the rarest and most beautiful incident before your eyes, it starts to wilt. The plant only blooms at night and only for ONE night!

Below are pictures of a bud of our plant and a flower that we hope to see soon!

kadupul-flower-1   kadupul-flower-2

The corona virus paralyzes the whole world! The year has not started well for the world and there seems to be no improvement in sight. Fear and panic - and the media and partly even the governments themselves are to blame - are not good mood-makers and make you sick - without a virus. But it is understandable and only human. So far, Sri Lanka has been spared to a large extent, despite its proximity and strong ties to China. However, the current statistics ( show terrifying results - especially in Europe.

The government here is exemplary. There are no warnings or statements such as Angela Merkel's in Germany that up to 70% of the population could possibly be infected (absolutely out of place!). On the contrary. The new president asks the people to remain calm and stresses that the government's preventive plans are well thought out and fully deployed. As a precautionary measure, the government decided earlier this week to close all schools until April 20. The government does not wait until a spread is visible, but just prevents it. The economy and the tourist industry benefit from this in the long term.

However, the population here is just as inconsiderate, unreasonable and ruthless as in other countries. Recently, a few people who had been in Italy came in through a "back door". A few teenagers who were in quarantine just ran away and went home. The result is now that around 800 people who had contact with them had to be quarantined. Unfortunately in our area, in Puttalam. That happened yesterday afternoon and the government then imposed a curfew from 4 p.m. For the time being! Today the ban was lifted briefly (from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.), but is now in force again. All air traffic has been stopped too!

I am sure I will be able to report more positive things again next time.

Until then Love and Light from Kalpitiya from 

David, Gayantha and everyone else too

Saturday, 15th February 2020 - 2nd Newsletter 2020 from Carla’s Heritage Health Center

Dear friends

I forgot to report something last time. It was an event shortly after the December newsletter last year.

December 26 was solar eclipse! We were able to experience this natural spectacle under a cloudless sky. In Europe this took place at night but here it started at 8 a.m., the climax at half past 10 a.m. and the end at 11 a.m. Exciting, impressive and almost spooky! Here are a few pictures as they were published here in the "Daily Mirror":


I had already reported that we had a lot of rain and wind. The weeds sprout and grew so quickly, you could almost watch them grow! Of course, this provided shelter and hiding places for various animals - unfortunately not just amiable species. We are currently plagued by rat holes! But then the beautiful side that we can enjoy is the rabbits and tortoises. Let's see if they stay when we've cleaned up.

Rabbit-1-nl   Tortoise-nl

The weather is slowly calming down and we are in the process of cleaning up and doing a few repairs. The biggest job will be the fence and then comes the long-planned renovation of the waterfall with the new installations. We're not running out of work!

Gayantha took great care of our few grape vines. And his efforts will soon bear fruit in the truest sense of the word!

Grapes-1-nl   Grapes-2-nl

Thanks to Gayantha's tireless efforts, we will soon be - we hope - one step further. Next Sunday we should have everything necessary for the building permit application. A lot has changed since Kalinga promised to get the building permit, but didn't. It is now more complicated than in Europe! An architect recently told us that you have to apply for up to 20 individual permits from different offices for a hotel or guest house! We had to get permits from the Fire Department, Environment Department, and many more, and because we integrate a clinic for treatments, we also had to get one from the local health department. Three from the latter even visited us and Gayantha had to go to the local community offices three days in a row to get the last signature for the permit. In the end he just waited - for four hours - until he had the signature!

In order not to have to obtain new building permits later, we have now decided to have an architect draw up new plans. New is that you have to show the drive-in and turning area and one parking space per room on the construction plan. In addition, a two-story building was planned on the original plan. We changed this to a one-story building for cost reasons and because it fits better into the environment. If, at some point, we are expanding, a normal roofed second guesthouse is planned on the new plan behind the guesthouse with the sundeck. You don't have to build this right away, but you then already have the permit for later.

I am sure I will be able to report more positive things next time.

Until then Love and Light from Kalpitiya from 

David, Gayantha and everyone else

Wednesday, 15th Januar 2020 - 1st Newsletter 2020 from Carla’s Heritage Health Center

Dear friends

Another New Year! We wish everyone that it will be a good, successful and healthy year with a lot of good news. For our part, we are now very confident!

My gastrointestinal complaints seem to be slowly improving. But it will certainly take a while until I am completely the "old guy" again. As I have already written, the lack of energy and fatigue are the worst for me. I am not used to lying around or sitting idly. But at the moment I have to take everything a bit slower than usual.

The last year ended with some not so pleasant surprises regarding the car - we had to have the air conditioning repaired again, need two new tires and a new battery - but we got a great Christmas present! Finally all changes in the company registration are done and officially registered. Gayantha was able to collect the papers from our lawyer on December 25th. One less hurdle!

Some of the next steps have already been taken and I very much hope and am confident that I can report a lot of positive things in the near future. At the moment, however, I can not reveal more.

The weather has been very extreme lately. Heavy rain and strong, high winds. Our fence with the braided palm leaves suffered a lot. This is how it looked new and after the weather damage.

Fence-new   Fence-damaged

I was aware that the braided palm leaves wouldn't last forever. Now we have to replace them. But they're not exactly expensive either, and of course they look very natural. But we will have to make the fence a little safer. We have two big problems. On the one hand the goats, which can force themselves through relatively small holes, and on the other hand the many stray dogs. The goats are worst because they always eat the most beautiful plants! Now we will first fix strong plastic nets and on them the palm leaves.

Cheetah, our loyal four-legged friend, has found a new source of drinking. Recently, when the Lady fountain is running, he climbs on the rocks and drinks the water that flows from the vessel that "Lady" holds.

WS-Cheetah   WS-Cheetah-2

I wrote last time that Gayantha and I wanted to create a special Christmas greeting. Now the "instrument" has arrived from China but the weather was not cooperative. We will do it as soon as possible.

I am obviously quite well known in Kalpitiya. Gayantha and I recently drove into town to the pharmacy. I went to the pharmacy and Gayantha stayed in the car. Two small boys standing there then asked Gayantha: Is that "David Uncle"? I don't know them at all, and to my knowledge I haven't even seen them! It also happens that "strangers" address me by name!

I'm sure I'll be able to report a little more next time.

Until then Love and Light from Kalpitiya from 

David, Gayantha and everyone else

Thursday, 19th December 2019 - 12th Newsletter 2019 from Carla’s Heritage Health Center

Dear friends

This time also a little later than usual.

My gastrointestinal complaints are not over yet. I only got a little improvement and then it all started again. Especially the pain! Removing the gallbladder stone was obviously not the solution. I am still in severe pain, especially when I try to eat and have lost about 8 kg in weight. Last Saturday and then again on Sunday we drove to Colombo to a specialist in the Asiri Hospital. I'm glad Gayantha is with me. Each way 4-5 hours driving time! Blood tests, another endoscopy and a CT scan on Sunday. We could not do the CT scan on Saturday because they wanted to determine the kidney values ​​first because of the contrast agent for safety reasons. On Sunday evening Gayantha and I were both KO! The doctor then called me on Monday and said it wasn't absolutely clear, but it looked like the gallbladder has to be removed. He will call me again when he has the final report of the CT scan. They would remove the gallbladder with laparoscopic surgery. I could go to the hospital in the evening, have the surgery done, and go again the next morning. This also means a shorter recovery time. At least, as he said, everything else seems fine! He has now prescribed other medications and a strict diet for me. It seems to be getting better!

But for me the lack of energy and tiredness is the worst. I am not used to lying around or sitting idly. I wouldn't call myself a workaholic, but I've always enjoyed working with pleasure. But someday it will be OK again! At least I managed together with Gayantha to install our Christmas decorations on the 1st of Advent.

weohnachten2019-1   weohnachten2019-2

Last time I expressed my outrage at the machinations of certain politicians in the English elections who do everything to win votes. There is a basic rule of the universe. What you give in life you get back. If you give love, you get love back. If you give hate, you get hate back, etc. Now these politicians and their party have got the bill for their actions! This party has lost a lot! That is just the justice of the universe!

A lot is different in Sri Lanka. The English language too! Most people have problems with "he" and "she" and "his" and "hers". For me with English mother tongue very irritating. It's almost normal for someone to say, for example, "I told Heidi this. You should have seen his face." Also business names, for example. It is quite normal for four shops that are next to each other on the same street to write the street name on the shop in four different ways. Even the place name! I am in the process of creating a collection of such funny boards and will publish them on the homepage at some point. I don't want to withhold two examples from you. When I was in the hospital in Kurunegula, there was a sign at the entrance to the ward "Ward 55", where I was, a classic example.


Admission and waiting area - should be meant. Admission is correct. But "Awaiting" mostly refers to patients who are expecting a child! And in a men's ward! Another funny example is on the roadside on the way from Negombo to Kalpitiya. A restaurant advertises "breakfast". They just write "Brakefast" instead of breakfast!

Gayantha and I wanted to create a special Christmas greeting. Unfortunately, the "instrument" to do it has not yet arrived from China. But maybe for the New Year!

I hope to report a little more next time. But it depends on how quickly I can be fully operational again.

In any case, we wish everyone a nice, happy, healthy and contemplative Christmas.

Until then Love and Light from Kalpitiya from 

David, Gayantha and everyone else

Wednesday, 27th November 2019 - 11th Newsletter 2019 from Carla’s Heritage Health Center

Dear friends

This time with a lot of delay. An explanation at the end of this newsletter,As I have already reported, it has been raining a lot in the last few weeks. In the newsletter dated June 12th 2018, we reported on the damage caused by the thunderstorm in around us and our neighbors. Among other things, this Taltree of which we wrote: "Now we have found that the middle of our beautiful triple palm trees was also struck by lightning, it probably will not recover from it!".


That's how it was. But one night in heavy rain and winds, the whole dead foliage has "slipped down" in one piece.


Gayantha severed all the branches, then I trimmed the branches and freed them from the leaves.

Tal-8   Tal-9

At the end we had a lot of waste to burn and many posts to expand the fence behind the waterfall.

Tal-10  Tal-11

I just had to take pictures of these two cute little guys: A mongoose eating ftom the food bowl of Cheetah, our dog, and a colorful lizard.

Mongoose1  Lizard1

 The hospital in Kalpitiya is being rebuilt. Construction time 2 years. The current hospital is really in need of renovation! After that, medical care here will be a lot better than it is today. Now and "planned":

Hospital-5   Hospital-6

There were elections on 16th November! The candidates do everything to win votes. Here a few bags of cement are "donated", here are a few roof tiles, there even one or more cows! Our neighbors (Auntie and Uncle) have received a few cows. Obviously, the "donor" counted with their votes and those of their relatives. But Auntie has no real fodder and asked us if she could not take some grass from us. We were actually glad because with all the rain grass and weeds grew like mad and we gave her permission immediately.

Auntie-1   Auntie-3

The new president is generally regarded as the right choice. He was heavily involved in ending the civil war ten years ago and is targeting a United Sri Lanka. A state with Sinhalese and Tamils. My opinion on politics and politicians I have already sufficiently expressed in the newsletter of 12th May. I wrote and am still increasingly of the opinion: "It is the dirtiest and most corrupt business that exists here on earth." Now the election campaign in the UK is in full swing! And especially a politician of the Labor Party uses inhumane and contemptible means. ONLY TO WIN VOTES IN HIS CONSTITUENCY! In his constituency Hayes and Harlington (London) live a lot of Tamils. Partly second and third generation who, having been born there, have the right to vote. However, at the time, these Tamils ​​did not escape from the Sri Lanka government but from the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (the LTTE, also known as the Tamil Tigers), who threatened them and their families, and sought asylum. This politician, John McDonnell, pledges support for all Tamils ​​(he does not exclude the Tamil Tigers, which has since been classified as a terrorist organization internationally), those in England and Sri Lanka from him and his party, stating that in the eyes of his party the wrong man has been chosen as president. What gives him the right to interfere in the internal affairs of Sri Lanka? He also works with twisted facts and arguments. If he and / or others pursue and exploit this issue, it could lead to uprisings here in Sri Lanka. In the worst case, they could start a new civil war! How ruthless you can be only to achieve your personal goals! But he is a politician!

JMcD1 If you click on the image on the left, you come to the video clip.

I promised at the beginning to explain the delay of this newsletter. I suffered from increasing abdominal pain since the beginning of the month. Both me and my doctor here in Kalpitiya assumed that it was again gastritis, which has hit me more than once. As it got worse and worse and the treatment he ordered did not brig any improvement, my doctor referred me to a consultant surgeon in a private clinic in Puttalam for clarification. It was thwn found after an ultrasound examination, that it was a 6m large gall bladder stone, which had settled in the bile duct!

On the penultimate Tuesday we had a consultation with a surgeon in a private clinic in Kurunegula and then decided. I had to go to the general hospital in Kurunegula last Friday, was operated on Monday and was able to return home yesterday. General Hospital, as the private clinic does not have the necessary infrastructure. However, the surgeon from the private clinic in Kurunegula operated. Gayantha organized everything and has been with me the whole time. He proves irreplaceable and I am very grateful to him. The operation was non-invasive. The method is called ERCP (Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangiopancreaticography). ERCP is used as a method of examination, but at the same time minor interventions are possible - such as the removal of gallstones from the bile duct.

I have been back in Kalpitiya since yesterday. And thank God, with much less pain than I left. It will take some time for me to fully recover and normalize my abdominal and bowel functions.

But everything went well and I was on the whole surprised by the care and professionalism.

Detailed report, possibly in the next newsletter.

Until then Love and Light from Kalpitiya from 

David, Gayantha and all others as well

Wednesday, 16th October 2019 - 10th Newsletter 2019 from Carla’s Heritage Health Center

Dear friends

There is not much to report this time. It has been raining a lot in the last two weeks. Mostly during the day nice, warm and sunny and then early in the evening heavy thunderstorms with lots, really lots of rain. I was together with Gayantha in Colombo the day before yesterday. After our appointment he returned to Ambalangoda and I went back to Kalpitiya. About one hours drive before Kalpitiya, it started to rain. And how! You hardly saw anything and could only drive very slowly. Of course I had the headlights switched on. But I was in the minority! But I arrived safe and sound! Yesterday it started at noon with thunderstorms and rain and stopped late at night! At the moment the sun is shining but in the afternoon there are thunderstorms and rain again predicted.

Thanks to Gayantha's tireless efforts, everything is slowly starting to move and we see some light at the end of the tunnel. But it is sometimes very frustrating. The UD (urban development), from whom we also need permission for the building permit, is an example. We have been able to procure and present the original of the receipt for the paid fees. But they cannot find the file anymore!

For the time being I have to keep silent about the other things, so as not to jeopardize Gayantha's efforts and achievements. Because also people in Sri Lanka receive this newsletter and it can also be read on the homepage. I beg for understanding.

When Gayantha was absent, I made a start to finish our "Lady" fountain. The exterior decoration was still missing. I also had the idea to use our "letters" CHHC (Carla's Heritage Health Center). The fact that the letters are not all the same size is due to the material used - seashells. And a certain "artistic freedom" is also allowed. Or not? It is now really an eye-catcher - especially at night with the changing colors.

Lady-1   Lady-2   Lady-3

I'm always amazed at the beauty that nature brings us. Like this colorful bird here.


Our plants thrive - especially the bougainvillea, which we have planted by the chairs and table at the entrance gates. Really colorful. When we planted them, they were barely 30cm tall. Now they are more than 2 meters high!


I had an impressive experience recently! I was, as almost every day, doing my swim in the evening, as about 100 - 150 meters away from me further out in the lagoon a school of dolphins with jumps out of the water swam by! The show lasted more than 20 minutes. There must have been 200 - 300 animals! Fantastic!

I am sure that soon I will be able to report a lot of positive things and to experience a good turnaround in the whole thing and also a completion of our project. Maybe I am able to reach a similar age as my former nanny Laura Kennedy. I called her in the US yesterday to congratulate her on her 90th birthday! And she enjoys - except for a little arthritis - best health!

Until then Love and Light from Kalpitiya from 

David, Gayantha and all others as well

Saturday, 14th September 2019 - 9th Newsletter 2019 from Carla’s Heritage Health Center

Dear friends

This time in the middle of the month as usual.

First, unfortunately, a piece of very sad news. On the morning of August 22, Balthazar was run over. I will miss him very much!


Of course we have a fence around the whole property. Concrete posts with barbed wire, palm leaves and at the bottom also nets. But the dear animals bite everything through and make holes so they can get through. With more than 300 meters of fence one has a really bad job fixing it the whole time! You just do not manage! I loved Balthazar and he loved me too. I had bathed him the day before and removed insects from his ears. Gayantha thinks that he had a short but happy life. I try to see it that way too. Gayantha was at home when it happened because his father had to be hospitalized. By now he is getting better again.

It really pays to get up early here! I'm usually up at 6 o'clock or even earlier. You can then see mongooses running and rabbits jumping and watch a variety of birds! And all of this on the property! Recently, Gayantha discovered these two Brahminy Kites (a kind of eagle) on two posts of the fence. Really noble!

NW9-Brahminy-Kite-1   NW9-Brahminy-Kite-2

Harvesting coconuts is a major occupation in Sri Lanka. You can harvest every 45 days! Coconut milk - made directly from the fruits or from the shredded, soaked and squeezed pulp - is part of most curries. Earlier - and in many places even today - one climbed up to get the fruits. Today, the fruits are often cut with a knife attached to a very long rod and later collected mostly with a cart drawn by a cow.

NW9-Coca-1   NW9-Coca-2  NW9-Coca-3

Coincidence or determination? Our newest fountain we have - because of the main figure - called "Lady" Fountain. Carla was born in Einsiedeln in Canton Schwyz. We often visited the monastery church - famous for the Black Madonna. In front of the church stands a fountain - the Marienbrunnen, which is also called "Fraubrunnen" or "Lady Brunnen". But they could not be more different!

NW9-LadyEinsiedeln   NW9-Lady-Kalpitiya

I received mail a few months ago. The "OS Record". I went to school in England at the boarding school in Sherborne, in the County of Dorset. Eton (well known from the crossword puzzles), Rugby and Sherborne are some of the best boarding schools in England. The accommodation is spread over 7 houses, the lessons are held centrally. I was assigned to the "School House" ("a") and my schooling ended in 1966. Since then, I am an "Old Shirburnian" (OS) and receive the "OS Record", which reports about the school in the modern day as well as containing news about the "Old Shirburnians". I was contacted in advance and to my surprise, there was something about me.

NW9-OS-1   NW9-OS-2

It is clear that the more we do environment-related work, the more maintenance work is turning up. Cleaning fountains, trimming grass, etc. So we are well occupied. Meanwhile, I have greatly expanded my skills as an engineer, electrician, carpenter and plumber. Recently, I had to explain to the electrician why a Circuit Breaker fuse he had installed did not work. He had connected it wrong! He claimed for hours that our devices were to blame. And do not think he apologized afterwards! He was slightly offended (or just ashamed) that a foreign non-electrician had had to tell him about his mistake.

The plastic foil in the pond by the waterfall has not worked out. Sun, wind, sand and salt have caused great damage. We must make a concrete solution and will use the renewal for a redesign as well. The other things pendent are extremely slow. We have taken another hurdle in terms of the building permit but are not finished yet. Patience - a lot of patience - is required!

But I hope (like every time) that I can report more positive things soon.

Until then Love and Light from Kalpitiya from 

David, Gayantha and everyone else too

Friday, 16th August 2019 - 8th Newsletter 2019 from Carla’s Heritage Health Center

Dear friends

This time for various reasons again later in the month than usual. Among other things, we still have their own power supply problems! Suddenly the electricity bill was four times higher than usual! Somewhere is a "leak" or a short circuit. Yesterday a new electrician checked everything through, replaced some cables, made new wiring in the main switch box and installed new fuses. We'll see!

With the changes of the company registration we are almost finally finished. As I reported last time, it has turned out that the first lawyer, Shantha Niriella in Negombo, had done some wrong things or not done them at all. And of course I had no idea how it is right here. For a company foundation and registration it has to be published four times. Once in the government's official "gazette" and then in three daily newspapers in the three languages English, Sinhalese and Tamil. That has now been done!

Gazette_09-08-2019   DailyNews_25-07-19   Dhinamina_25-07-19   Dhinakaran_25-07-19

From other changes, we have already received the registration confirmations. In order to be able to conclude and finalize everything, we only need the registration confirmations of the three submitted annual returns, the renewals with change notices which have to be submitted annually. But they should come in the next few days.

I reported last time. that we automate the irrigation system. That is now done! Gayantha and I still had to lay about 160 meters of new water pipes, create a sheltered space for the controller and the electronic valves and reconnect everything. Now it is done and works flawlessly. Now we no longer have to look at the clock and manually open and close water valves.


With the building permit we are not very much further. The blueprint we submitted has been lost at the local office and can no longer be found! And suddenly they need three copies. But we will follow this all up.

How we tackle the case of the general contractor, we probably need to rethink. We have been waiting for several weeks now for the lawyer in Colombo to finally do something. He said at our first meeting that he needed a few days!

Balthazar gives us great pleasure but also work! At first he had distinctive "Bow-legs" at the back. But they are now a little better but not quite straight. Gayantha recently bathed him with special soap. He did not like that. But he can look really cute and is very affectionate!

Balti-1   Balti-2   Balti-4   Balti-3

It has always been my dream to live somewhere where one could sit outside in the evening and listen to and enjoy music - no matter which style of music. And in almost concert hall strength and quality. If I had stayed in Switzerland, I would probably have been able to do so at most in a remote mountain hut. But then the problem with electricity! Here I can easily do this until the early morning hours! Now we have new 60 watt speakers installed. Four at the first fountain, two at the waterfall and in the water tank construction where we live two inside, and outside two at the front and two at the back. And the amplifier renders 2 x 750 watts. A clear, clean sound. Excellent!

The day before yesterday was POYA. Actually, "Nikini Full Moon Poya Day". The Poya Day is not a single day, but a name for every holiday in Sri Lanka, which is held on the occasion of a full moon. It is then with us - especially with the music and the reflection of the full moon in the lagoon - in the seating area at the entrance really fantastic. I can vividly imagine how one can enjoy it from the sun terrace of the guest house!


We hope and are confident next time to be able to report even more positive things.

Until then Love and Light from Kalpitiya from 

David, Gayantha and everyone else too

Thursday, 18th July 2019 - 7th Newsletter 2019 from Carla’s Heritage Health Center

Dear friends

This time for various reasons a little later in the month than usual. Among other things, there were several power cuts, own power problems and some things that have needed our full attention.

But it also seems that some things are getting moving! At least the annual property taxes have now been set and registered. Part of the building approval process.

With the changes of the company registration we are only a small step further. It turned out that the first lawyer, Shantha Niriella in Negombo, has done some wrong work or failed to do some things he should have.. But we had to put our new lawyer Begum Zehra under pressure again. She now has time to finish everything by next Monday

The repayment of the returned water filter was finally done and the money we will soon invest in an automation of the irrigation system. It will make life a little easier! However, we have now installed a very simple water filter that, together with the decalcification system, has significantly improved the quality of the water.


Our animals! I've never mentioned, I believe, that at the place where the new well was drilled for our water well, the day before the drilling, a bitch gave birth to three offspring. Both the mother and two of the boys died a few weeks later. Left was Cheetah, as I called him. We, Thahil and I, took care of him and he has remained faithful to us. He is still young and very playful but a kind of watchdog all the same!


Now we have an unexpected and unplanned "baby"! About two weeks ago when we got home, a small dog baby was stumbling on the street. He could hardly walk and was also very weak. Obviously he had lost his mother or had been abandoned. Gayantha is a Buddhist and very animal loving and brought the dog baby something to eat. The next day the puppy was still nearby and I brought him back to us! We nursed him - we had to get a baby bottle - and also deloused him as much as possible.

NL-Balthazar-1   NL-Balthazar-2

He is very playful and loves our legs and feet. Unfortunately, he has now started to try out his teeth on them. We have to stop that. He sleeps a lot in all kinds of funny positions and above all he loves my construction-site sandals.

NL-Balthazar-3   NL-Balthazar-4   NL-Balthazar-5

I spontaneously christened him "Balthazar". I do not know why. It was just an inspiration. I did not know the name meaning either. For example, David's name meaning is "The Beloved". Balthazar means "Protects the King." It suits, I think.

We hope and are confident that next time we can finally report more positive things.

Until then Love and Light from Kalpitiya from 

David, Gayantha and all others as well

Wednesday, 12th June 2019 - 6th Newsletter 2019 from Carla’s Heritage Health Center

Dear  friends

For once some good news to start with! Gayantha's son Tharusha, who was hospitalized with dengue fever, was released from hospital the day after the last newsletter was sent. He has survived it well, but has to take it a little quietly for the next few weeks.

There also seems to be quite a lot moving at last!

Today we will ask how it stands now with the building permit. It should have been done last week but last week was Eid-Festival, the closing ceremony to Ramadan and it was pretty haywire. At least we have not heard that something was missing with the application!

A week ago last Monday we had an appointment in Colombo. A friend of Gayantha has recommended us another lawyer. Gayantha had told him about our problems. He briefly described how we could proceed but I will explain everything at a later date, Let's hope for the best!

With the changes of the company registration we are also one step further. What I did not know and nobody told me is that the registration has to be renewed annually. So there are three renewals missing. We had to put pressure on our new lawyer Begum Zehra. She is a lawyer, but, what we did not know, she is still in the internship phase. After the meeting with the new lawyer, Gayantha then went to his family in Ambulangoda and last Monday I went to to pick him up in Negombo. We also knew that Begum Zehra wanted to make an appointment with the company registration office again that day. Finally we had to drive to Colombo first to attend a meeting at 5pm with her supervisor. He has now taken over everything and has promised to close the matter this week. Again we hope for the best! We'll probably have to go to Colombo again to sign papers.

We have finally solved another problem. The water from our well, which we use for our own purposes and for irrigation and everything else, is extremely calcareous. And the cleaning is extremely tedious! Especially the tiles in the bathroom and the fountains outside. We had to use liters of decalcifier. There are a lot of things you cannot buy here in Sri Lanka, such as underwater lights. I then discovered AliExpress. It is an internet organization that unites several thousand Chinese businesses and sells almost everything! At good prices and with very low shipping costs. I finally ordered a rather expensive water filter. But before that I asked the company and they assured me that the problem with the limestone could be solved to a large extent with their filter.


The filter has a flush option. Unfortunately, this did not help and the water pressure became less and less and it was clear that the filter was clogged. The company finally agreed to take back the filter and refund. So we sent it back to China.

The solution was a lot easier! I had a system in Switzerland in our house that solved the problem perfectly. And I also discovered and ordered a similar system from AliExpress. It consists of a control box and two wires that are wrapped around the water pipes. And it works extremely well! In Europe, there are better-looking but a lot more expensive devices.


We need to clean the fountains much less often and with less effort. But a problem with the new fountain are the granite stones. They cause algae. But with additing chlorine, we are now pretty much in control of this.

Since the engineer Prasanga Perera already did his evaluation of the building situation a year ago and the "Kalinga Case" is approaching, a new evaluation of the situation must probably be made. Gayantha has detected further deficiencies in his "inspections".

Column-Base-NL   Column-Top-NL

Support pillars and foundation columns are not right above each other and the support columns already have cracks at the top! It would not surprise us if Prasanga's verdict would be "Best to tear everything down and start again!"

The months of April and May were very hot. But now the monsoon season has started and it can sometimes rain quite heavily. However, according to my experience in Kalpitiya not as strong as in the south of the island. It has also cooled down a bit - especially at night - which is very pleasant. But it is still very warm for European conditions. The situation this morning at 8 o'clock:


However, because of the high humidity, the temperature feels higher than it really is. This morning at 8 o'clock it was 29 ° C but it felt like (RealFeel) 35 ° C. You get used to it!

Next time we hope to finally report that the building permit is issued, the company registration is done and the "Kalinga case" is initiated.

Until then Love and Light from Kalpitiya from

David, Gayantha and everyone else too

Sunday, 12th May 2019 - 5th Newsletter 2019 from Carla’s Heritage Health Center

Dear friends

This time there is nearly as much to report as last time! As usual pleasing and less pleasing.

Fortunately nobody from my "family" or circle of friends and acquaintances was affected by the cruel, inhumane Easter attacks. But it does not seem to be over yet. But, as always, the media is slaughtering the situation! We almost did not notice anything here in Kalpitiya. Only the increased police and army presence on the roads.

I never hid my opinion about politics and the politicians. It is the dirtiest and most corrupt business that exists here on earth. And Europe is no exception. There it is much more subtle and better hidden than here. And the voters contribute to the disaster. In the US, a clown is elected president and now a professional comedian in the Ukraine! Where does that lead to !?

The political situation here in Sri Lanka has been extremely tense for some time and is unlikely to change until the 2025 elections. Let's wait and see!

The things with the company registration and the building permit are still dragging on! I wrote last time that every time we bring something, they say "sorry, but now we need .....". Soon after the last newsletter went out, it happened again! Now we have to contact the surveyor, as they need a plan of the original plot. And he is in Puttalam!

Our new lawyer and company secretary Mrs. Begun Zehra is also not finished with the company registration yet. Each time she says "next Monday". And that since two months! Let's see if tomorrow it is finally here!

Recently, a whole family of dolphins visited the lagoon in front of my property. Unfortunately we do not have a boat otherwise we could have gone closer. But it was all the same such a spectacular natur spectacle.


I have been swimming in the lagoon every evening for a few weeks now. Gayantha is also my personal trainer and tells me every evening: "The lagoon is ready!". At the moment it is only 300 - 400 meters every evening but I will increase it slowly..

ds-A   ds-B  ds-C

Nice to have fruits in front of the door! At that time, Thahil planted a banana tree right next to the water tank construction and now it bears fruit. Bananas and milk are usually the main part of our afternoon 5 o'clock energy drink. Sometimes mixed with vanilla ice cream, sometimes with chocolate, sometimes with mango ice cream in the blender.

kban-1   kban2

It is now "Tal" time. This is the name of the tree Borassus flabellifer, also called Palmyrapalm, Lontaropalm or sometimes sugar palm. A few local boys asked if they could get down the fruits of one tree (we have four). Not a simple task, because the branches have very sharp thorns and these must be removed first, so that one reaches the fruits. The fruits themselves have a white-yellowish jelly, which is much appreciated.

Tal-1   Tal-1-2   Tal-2   Tal-4

I definitely had to say "goodbye" to Asanka. A dear lady friend has already experienced similar "cases" and summed it up as follows: "Asanka has to realize that he has to change his inner attitude, otherwise the therapy will not have an effect in the long term, because it is always the same They want to make it better for themselves, but keep their character, which has led them into dependencies and problems, and has given themselves and others suffering, lies and deceptions become a matter of course and if you reveal them, then they get angry and aggressive against those, who they claim to be their good friends, confidants and companions". We had to acknowledge that two months of rehabilitation have not changed his attitude. And he does not seem to want to change it!

It is not just "Tal" time but also "dengue" time. The potentially fatal disease is transmitted by mostly diurnal tiger mosquitoes. Since the beginning of 2018, around 45,700 cases of dengue infections have been reported and at least 45 people have died of it. At least, the numbers are falling: in 2017 there were a total of 185 195 diseases and at least 395 fatalities. The authorities have since then been successful in trying to combat mosquitoes more effectively.

Dengue fever can be fatal, though not at the initial infection. It then triggers only a flu-like illness that occurs two to ten days after a mosquito bite. Typical symptoms include high fever, severe headache and pain in the limbs, pain behind the eyes and a fleeting erythema. The pain and the fever soon fade away, but sufferers may feel beaten off for several weeks.

Gayantha received word on Wednesday afternoon that his second son, Tharusha, had to be examined for suspected dengue infection. Unfortunately, the suspicion was confirmed and he had to be hospitalized. Gayantha then went to Ambulangoda the same evening to his family. Tharusha is still not out of danger but he is a strong boy and will surely survive it. Tharusha's older brother Hirusha, Gayantha and Gayantha's brother-in-law alternate at the hospital at the bedside. So there is always a relative with him.

Gayantha and I still have a lot to do when he returns. Work does not run out! More soon.

Until then Love and Light from Kalpitiya from 

David, Gayantha and everyone else too

Tuesday, 16th April 2019 - 4th Newsletter 2019 from Carla’s Heritage Health Center

Dear friends

This time there is much to report! A little later than usual, but we just have the New Year celebrations behind us. More about that later.

The things with the company registration and the building permit prove to be quite complicated and tedious. The company registration is done so far. We are just waiting for confirmation from Colombo. For the building permit, we had to get proof of ownership of the property over the past 30 years. These are available for Kalpitiya in Puttalam - an hour's drive away. We needed almost a whole day! If those people would be working so diligently and accurately as the bees on the outside of the building it would have been easier.

Puttalam-1   Puttalam-2

Back in Kalpitiya, the responsible office determined that a paper was missing. So we had to go to Puttalam again! In general, there is no checklist of documents to submit and nobody knows exactly what they need. Every time we bring something, they say "sorry, but we also need .....".

I've long suspected that Thahil is not completely honest. Sometimes, when I came back from Negombo, I felt that something was missing. Gayantha and I recently installed additional surveillance cameras - without Thahil knowing it first. We have caught him in action and have the photographic evidence! Stealing chocolate bars that I always have ready for children, then drinking milk from the package (coffee, bread and bananas he can take any time) and taking something away with the help of his son Passi

Thahil-Schoggi   Thahil-Milk   Thahil-Bike

Gayantha also found out that Thahil had demanded outrageous prices for hiring workers. He was asking up to three times the daily wage and two-thirds he kept for himself. We had to part with him. We wanted to settle it peacefully, but he preferred to file a complaint with the police claiming that he had not received his wages. But I was able to prove that, on the contrary, he owed me money because he had received so many advances. The policeman believed me and reprimanded Thahil "he should not bite the hand that feeds him". But he said it differently and much more primitively but very emphatically in Singhalese.

In order to get the mobile phone and the bike back, we then had to ask the police for help. In the end, we got both but Thahil and his family vandalized the bike. The story is not over yet! Bike still intact, stickers torn away, saddle destroyed:

Bike   DSCN1527   bike-2

Asanka has been "out" since Friday, March 1st. Short version! He called me, wanted to talk to me first (I refused) and then asked to talk to Gayantha, who was not here. The jungle phone works here too! Even in prison! He already knew that Gayantha is with me now. On Sunday, I picked up Gayantha im Negombo, who had a few days off and had been with his family in Ambulangoda. I had to pick up something at Nilminis place anyway so Gayantha did not have to do the whole trip by train and bus. Otherwise it takes 8 hours and more! We went to Kalpitiya. At 9 pm Asanka called. He was now in Palaviya (about an hour away by bus) and traveling to us! Shortly after 10 pm he turned up here. We did not want to let him in but he just climbed over the fence! We talked, talked and talked! He simply did not want to understand that I did not want and could not take him back. After 19 hours I gave him an ultimatum. Either he goes voluntarily or I'll get the police! Then he agreed to do what we have been aiming at for a long time. A rehabilitation! Gayantha organized everything on Monday night and on Tuesday afternoon we delivered him to the rehabilitation center "Enlightenment through the darkness" in Katana near Negombo. For an unlimited time! He himself signed his entry! On Thursday, March 14th, we (Gayantha and I) went to Katana and had a conversation with the caring doctor and then together with Asanka. We were also allowed to talk to Asanka before, although the rule is that the "clients" (about 100 are housed there) in the first 14 days may not receive a visit. Anyway, the rehabilitation center makes a good, serious impression.

ettd-1   ettd-2

I talked to Ajith, the head of the center, a pastor, and he said that Asanka is making great progress. In any case, he got permission for leave for the recent holidays.

The Singhalese and Tamil New Year took place on April 13th and 14th this year. Gayantha had invited me to celebrate with his family in Ambulangoda near Galle. We went to Negombo last Friday to pick up Asanka and then drove to Ambulangoda. Gayantha is a devout Buddhist and most of the people in his area as well. A lot was new to me! On the first of the two days, in the late afternoon, they go from house to house to relatives and friends. Then the younger ones give the elders a bundle of betel leaves, and on their knees beg forgiveness for their sins of the past year. In the evening we celebrate, drink and sing! Until the early morning hours!

betel   ambula-1

On the second day we drove to Hikkaduwa around midday and went for a walk on the beach. We saw three big sea turtles. Unfortunately we could not take pictures of them because we did not have swimming trunks with us and they were too far out. But we also saw two baby sharks in the shallows.

hikka-1   hikka-2

In the afternoon, a coconut milk ritual was performed in every house. Fire is made under a stone pot with coconut milk and heated until the milk overflows. The more evenly it overflows, the more luck it will bring for the coming year.

ambula-2   ambula-3

Then comes the "Exchange" ritual, which I did not understood for a long time - not even now really. You give another person a money note wrapped in a betel leaf. That should bring wealth in the coming year. Here I presented pne to Gayanthas youngest Sandusha and we also did a group photo - from left to right Asanka with Sandusha, Gayantha, his wife Anoja (Nadee), me and the two other sons Hirusha and Tharusha

ambula-5  ambula-4

Yesterday, Monday we brought Asanka back to the center. Not without a crisis with him! He does not change his basic attitude and seems unwilling to do so. Let's see how it goes with him!

Finally, the promised pictures of the new "Lady" fountain. The fountain is not quite finished, since Thahil is not here anymore and we did not have the time up to now. We still have to decorate the outer walls.


And if you click HERE you can see a short nocturnal video clip of the fountain!

While we were in Ambulangoda we unfortunately got some bad news. Sumith has had a second stroke (or a brain haemorrhage - it is not clear). Gayantha and I visited him at the hospital yesterday. We hope he recovers well.

Gayantha and I have more tasks. Work does not run out! More soon.

Until then Love and Light from Kalpitiya from 

David, Gayantha and all others as well

Monday, 11th March 2019 - 3rd Newsletter 2019 from Carla’s Heritage Health Center

Dear friends

There is a lot to report this time!

On the afternoon of February 17, our visit from Switzerland arrived at the airport. I picked up Gregor and Madeleine at the airport as I had promised them.


Gayantha, who was waiting nearby with the car, then picked us up and we drove directly to Kalpitiya. We then took a refreshment at our place and then Gregor and Madeleine moved into their cabana at the Araliya Resort. A little later they spent a pleasant evening with us. They really enjoyed the pleasant warmth in the evening after the cold in Switzerland!


The next day was scheduled for them as a "rest day". They went to the beach and went swimming in the sea.

They had already given us some wishes regarding excursions. Since the stay in Sri Lanka actually lasted only 9 days, we had to reduce everything a bit. The trip to observe dolphins and whales, we finally deleted. They had already seen enough elsewhere.

On Wednesday, February 20th, we did a full day trip to the Wilpattu National Park. This is on the other side of the lagoon, diagonally across from us. Originally we wanted to go over by boat but there were apparently landing difficulties due to low tide and high tide. So we drove by car over Puttalam to Wilpattu. We first did a lagoon tour in the Gangewadiya Conservation Forest. A trip through mangrove forests.

Willpattu-1   Willpattu-2   Willpattu-3

There was also the "elephant tree" - so called because of its size and age (about 700 years). An impressive appearance.

Willpattu-4   Willpattu-5   Willpattu-7

After a short break we went with a jeep to Wilpattu National Park. To get there you have to drive over a dam. It is likely that they are trying to prevent diseases from being brought in or taken out.

Willpattu-8   Wilpattu-9

First we had to go to the cash register to pay for admission! Gregor and Madeleine each had to pay 2000 rupees. For most of Sri Lanka very much but acceptable for Europeans - about CHF 11. I am with a residence permit as a local and Gayantha anyway and we only had to pay 60 rupees - about 35 centimes!

The park is 1.317 square kilometers and lies from 0 to 152 meters above sea level. Nearly sixty natural lakes are in the park. Wilpattu is the largest and one of the oldest parks in Sri Lanka. Wilpattu is also world famous for its leopard populations, although today there are only about 70.

Our first encounter was with a so-called land monitor and then with elephants.

Wilpattu-10   Wilpattu-11   Wilpattu-12

We also saw a lot of beautiful birds.

Wilpattu-13   Wilpattu-14   Wilpattu-15   Wilpattu-16

Our driver was searching for a leopard all the time. The administration of the park tries to protect the stock in an exemplary way. The posters are reminiscent of similar ones in Europe!


We had just taken a short break when our driver was suddenly in a hurry to continue. He had received word from a colleague that they had sighted a leopard. We finally saw the animal just before it disappeared in the bushes again.


Our driver drove immediately to the other side of the shrubbery and there we could see the beautiful animal again.

Wilpattu-19   Wilpattu-20

We were lucky and had a very competent driver!

Another day we took a short trip to Thalawila. The church there became "substitute pilgrimage church" for the church in Madhu during the Civil War when it was impossible to drive to the north. They have now also built a very nice modern chapel.

Thalawila-1   Thalawila-2   Thalawila-3

On Saturday, February 23, we left early in the morning for Kandy. Our first stop was the Royal Botanic Gardens in Peradeniya. A unique 60-hectare facility that houses and cultivates over 4,000 tree and plant species. Everything was very well maintained!

Peredeniya-0   Peredeniya-1   Peredeniya-2

Peredeniya-4   Peredeniya-3  From Madagaskar the canon ball tree!

Peredeniya-5   Peredeniya-6   Peredeniya-8   Peredeniya-9

Peredeniya-10   Peredeniya-12   Peredeniya-11 Exemplary!

Also some monkeys are at home here!

Peredeniya-13   Peredeniya-14   Peredeniya-15   Peredeniya-16

A highlight was when Gayantha discovered the Nux Vomica tree that Gregor longed to see. Nux Vomica is one of the best known homeopathic remedies. After that a little rest was on the program!

Peredeniya-17   Peredeniya-18

We briefly visited the Buddhist temple in Kandy - Temple of the Tooth - and then spent the night in Kandy in a nice well-kept guesthouse - the Pearl House.


The next morning we drove to the station to take the well-known train ride to the highlands. Originally we wanted to do a 7 hour trip, but decided to shorten it to 4 hours and then got off the train at Nanu Oya, where Gayantha picked us up with the car. It was an interesting drive with the changing vegetation and the large tea plantations.

Kandy-2   Kandy-3

Kandy-4   Kandy-5

Gayantha then drove us to Negombo, where Gregor and Madeleine moved into a hotel. They spent one day in Negombo and flew back to Switzerland the next day. We went back to Kalpitiya.

We still have some problems with the new fountain, which we will certainly be able to solve until the next newsletter. Then there are pictures of it!

Gayantha and I have to solve some other problems as well!

Until then Love and Light from Kalpitiya from 

David, Gayantha and everyone else too

Thursday, 14th February 2019 - 2nd Newsletter 2019 from Carla’s Heritage Health Center

Dear friends

A lot has happened in the last 30 days!

Gayantha is back in Sri Lanka since January 13th. I encouraged him to spend some time first with his family in Ambalangoda. After all, he has not seen his wife and three sons for more than two years!

He visited me in Kalpitiya on January 19th, together with his eldest son Hirusha and his brother Wasantha with his son. They spent the evening here and drove home at night. He brought me from Abu Dhabi on my request Appenzeller cheese! A quarter of a whole cheese, 1.8 kg! I knew it was available at a supermarket in Abu Dhabi. He also gave me as a present two young King coconut trees, which we then planted in front of the entrance to my house.

On the 26th of January he visited me again and stayed the night. We discussed a lot and agreed that he would start working for me at the beginning of February. However, since he returned to Sri Lanka, he had already started collecting information, making arrangements and planning on my behalf.

On Saturday 2nd of February we met in Negombo. I wanted to do a few things in Negombo anyway (including the hairdresser) and Gayantha did not have to travel the whole trip  (more than six hours) by train and bus, as we met in Negombo and drove together to Kalpitiya, where we arrived early in the evening.

He settled in quickly! He helps - with cooking, with repairs, with constructions - and above all he thinks as well! He is a very pleasant guy and we have known each other for more than 17 years. He also speaks English very well and it is nice to have someone here with whom I can talk and discuss problems.

Gaya-1   Gaya-2   Gaya-3   Gaya-4

I had problems with the electricity company. Since the thunderstorm and the lightning strike almost a year ago, the meter stopped working and consumption is only estimated. This is apparently not allowed. They should really then only charge the basic fee. Gayantha has already managed to start fixing everything and it looks like the meter will finally be repaired and me credited with a lot of money at the power company! But we still have to make one or two "visits"! Regarding the registration of the company changes, we have now clarified everything and hope to be able to do it soon. But we have to have Nilmini's signature and this must be done in front of and certified by a lawyer. Then we are ready to file the lawsuit against Kalinga! Now everything is finally moving!

The new fountain is already quite far. The planning was a big task and quite complicated, as this fountain is really very challenging. Three water pumps and four lights systems, all of which require switch controls and wiring. There was - as you can see below - a real "pipe salad". Thahil was more than a little overwhelmed by the task!

LF-1   LF-2   LF-3

LF-4   LF-5

But we are already at the "final stage" and hope very much that we have the new "Lady" fountain in operation by next Sunday. We can then take our time for the "fine-tuning".

On Sunday our visit comes from Switzerland! We are very happy! They had expressed some wishes regarding excursions and sightseeing. Gayantha and I have already prepared and submitted a few suggestions to them. But we will all do the detailed planning here together.

So I am very positive at the moment and hope to be able to report further progress next time.

Until then Love and Light from Kalpitiya from 

David, Gayantha and everyone else too

Wednesday, 16th January 2019 - 1st Newsletter 2019 from Carla’s Heritage Health Center

Dear friends

With a bit of delay the first newsletter this year from Kalpitiya. This time only a little news but one very good thing, which will now - I hope - shape my future strongly.

The year has not started so happily for me. I had a cold for quite a while now. Especially in recent times, we had very strong winds in Kalpitiya. The temperatures are actually not that much lower but with the wind you sometimes have the feeling that it is pretty cool. In addition, when we went to Chilaw on January 1, the air conditioning stopped working. We later found out that someone had not properly closed the cap on the radiator. I drove then with open windows - thus a  draft! As a result, I had a very painful angina neuralgia attack with severe sore throat, radiating out to the neck and chest. It took a few days to cure it but now I'm fine and the energy is returning.

As I already wrote, the next fountain is already planned! I discovered a company in Chilaw that makes a wide range of cement figures of all kinds.

Cementfig-1   Cementfig-2   Cementfig-3   Cementfig-4

Our lions at the entrance gate are also from there. As a decoration for the new fountain, we have already bought some cement figures. Also a Sri Lanka elephant will be there - but then without Paragat, Thahils youngest.


I'll be having visitors from Switzerland again next month! From a naturopathic colleague with his wife. He was, like me, at the VAHAR (Association Active Practitioner Appenzell Ausserrhoden) - I am already looking forward to welcoming Gregor and Madeleine at the airport on 17th February. They will be staying at my neighbor Agrars cabanas and they stay here for 10 days. We are sure to have a great time together!

Now for the really good news! My longtime "old" friend Gayantha, of whom I already reported in November 2015, will come back to Sri Lanka and assist me. Here is the photo again. I do not have a newer one yet.


Gayantha has decided to come home after 17 years in Abu Dhabi. On the one hand to be with his family and on the other hand to help me. So far, there was the hindrance that he needed a certain income to feed and support his family. He has his wife Anoja and his three sons Hirusha, Tharusha and Sadusha, who are still in education, and the eldest also wants to study. Fortunately - for me - the economic war between China and Trump has caused the currencies in Asia to lose value. That means for me that I get a lot more in my local currency for my state pension! So I can afford to get involved and do not have to limit myself greatly. He has now cleared up everything in Abu Dhabi. He sold his car, but had to go down with the price. His visa had to be suspended. He arrived in Sri Lanka last Sunday morning. But I told him to spend the first few days with his family. After all, he has not seen them for 2 years! I hope - and believe - that together with him, I can get things moving. He is expecting to visit me in Kalpitiya next Saturday and we will discuss how we then proceed. It fits together that I have a business idea and he wants to start his own business here in Sri Lanka.

So I am very positive at the moment and hope to announce some progress next time.

Until then Love and Light from Kalpitiya from 

David and everyone else too                    

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